BRAVIA Professional Displays: Past, Present, and Future

When you’re looking in the market for the best display products, you know that you need something reliable, consistent and innovative. BRAVIA has become a renowned name and product in the technology display market.

While our products will be familiar to many domestic consumers utilizing BRAVIA within the comfort of their homes, we aspire to offer the highest levels of professional use — that’s why BRAVIA is so much more.

With an ever-growing customer base in not only our consumer market, but our professional market, we have become confident in our knowledge of the display business. We are committed to challenging ourselves and offering the best solutions to our customers again and again. So you know that when you’re choosing a BRAVIA, you’ve made the right choice.

A reputation to be proud of

When you decide to invest in BRAVIA, you’ll see why we’re lucky enough to have received, and continue to win, high praise in magazine reviews, most recently receiving between 4.5 and 5 stars in reviews by T3, Tech Radar and What Hifi? in 2018. Furthermore, it continues to win a variety of awards (CES 2018 Innovation Awards, iF Design Award 2018), and all under the professional scrutiny of highly experienced engineers.

The high quality that BRAVIA has to offer is second to none; its display provides a rich and encompassing HDR image with colors to immerse the user. Its Pro Mode capabilities guarantee it stands out from the crowd in terms of usability. Our years of experience in the competitive consumer market have given us rich insight into displays. Our market-leading, data-led innovation and our expertise have enabled us to ensure that our professional models are market leaders. Even the most meticulous content and production companies are utilizing BRAVIA technology in their work; precisely because it offers what they’re looking for.

Always innovating

Since the beginning, we’ve been at the very forefront of screen technology. And we continue to improve with thorough and intensive market research, always ensuring we continue to provide market-leading innovation and experience within our products. 


The world’s first non-projection portable TV


The world’s first color Trinitron TV


The world’s first portable color TV


The world’s first OLED TV


The world’s first LED Crystal TV


Our first 8K TV

A unique user experience

Each BRAVIA Professional Display features Android, offering a customizable and intuitive user experience. Furthermore, our bespoke models enjoy studio-quality display with their Netflix calibrated mode. Enjoy the same picture presented on the studio evaluation master — our technology preserves the creator’s original vision and intent.

An investment in BRAVIA is an investment in the future, and our technology continues to develop in its picture quality, web platform interface, and incorporation of HDR.

Professional solutions

With dedicated professional models that continue to evolve with modern demands and trends, we’re always incorporating our latest solutions within our technology, from the option of flexible tilt and portrait installation, to improved usability, thanks to Pro Mode, as well as 24/7 support.

And while each BRAVIA Professional Display includes a rich display chip and high-spec software, we offset these extra costs via our highly engaged consumer market. This repayment of costs is how we can continue to offer HDR displays, with unique technologies like their X-tended Dynamic RangeTM PRO.

Invest in your future, invest in BRAVIA.

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