Airpeak S1 Enterprise Solution

Realize longer, accurate flights and high precision data capture for industrial applications with Airpeak S1 enterprise solution


The enterprise solution includes Sony’s Airpeak S1 professional drone and a variety of accessories that provide the functionality necessary for industrial use.

RTK flight accuracy and high precision data acquisition

Multiple configurations for use with included base station or GNSS correction data service

Supporting both network-type and base station type RTK as well as PPK logging provides use in a wide variety of work environments.

Diagram showing Airpeak drone being controlled by Base Station and Airpeak drone using GNSS correcting data service type

Enables recording of positioning information with accuracy within a few centimeters

RTK enables accurate positioning with accuracy within a few centimeters, compared with GNSS with accuracy within a few meters. The positioning information is synchronized with high precision with the timing of image data capture, and the recorded position is offset to the center of the image sensor.

Front view of Airpeak S1 drone with Alpha camera

Stable flight even with strong magnetic field interference

Two GNSS antennas enable stable flight even in an environment where the geomagnetic sensor may affect the aircraft’s control due to the influence of inspection objects or surrounding structures.

Construction site

Accurate flight with low-error self-position estimation

Self-position estimation with less error is achieved by using RTK in conjunction with vision sensors, improving aircraft handling during deceleration, hovering stability, and automatic flight accuracy. By using Direct Repeat Flight, periodic inspection flows can be reproduced as many times as desired with high accuracy, enabling efficient and highly accurate operations that do not depend on operator skill.

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Easily add positioning data to captured images

The RTK kit provides high precision positioning data which is saved to an SD card in the RTK interface unit. After a flight, mapping data stored on the SD memory card in the RTK interface unit and captured images from the same mission stored on the camera’s memory card can easily be linked using the Airpeak Flight. Images are separated into folders for each flight for convenient file management and project implementation.

*To use this function, Airpeak RTK kit and a memory card reader that supports mobile devices are required.
** This function only supports JPEG format still images.
*** SD cards and memory card reader sold separately.

Diagram for workflow from camera or drone to add geo-tagging via SD card.

High resolution imaging

Full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera α™ compatibility

Compatible with Alpha full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (Alpha 7R series). Enables shake-free mechanical shutter shooting in maximum 61.0 megapixels when used with Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 7R IV A, Alpha 7R V. Lenses can be chosen from a wide range of focal lengths such as 24/35/40/50mm.

Front view of Alpha 7 camera

High resolution capturing effective for inspection use

When used with a 50mm lens, even at a distance of approximately 13 meters from the object to ensure safety, the camera can capture images with a resolution of 1mm/pixel.

Image showing close-up inspection of wind turbine

Airpeak Drone

Improved operability with remote camera settings

Various camera settings can be performed remotely from the handheld remote controller, streamlining operation during capturing by making it possible to change and adjust settings according to the scene without touching the camera. The focus area and focus position can be changed at will by the touch screen on the mobile app, allowing for more accurate capturing.

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Tablet with Airpeak control GUI

High precision and efficiency flight performance

High wind resistance to prevent being swept away by strong winds

Sony-developed propulsion devices such as propellers, motors, and ESCs, as well as the flight controller achieve wind resistance of up to 44.7 mph (20m/s)*. The aircraft resists being swept away by erratic winds at high altitudes and is stable even in strong winds at coasts and in canyons.

*Without payload

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Supports long automated flights

Supports the ability to resume automated flight after it has been interrupted mid-flight, and battery hot-swapping, which allows battery replacement while the aircraft is powered on. Achieves approximately 20 minutes* of flight time while equipped with RTK and high-resolution camera.

*When equipped with LBP-HM1, RTK-1, GBL-PX1, Alpha 7R IV A, FE 35mm F2.8 Zeiss, cruising speed(9m/s) , sea level, no wind

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Fitting Airpeak drone with LBP-HM1 battery

Proximity prevention and obstacle braking functions for enhanced safety

The aircraft is equipped with a function to prevent unintentionally becoming in close proximity to inspection objects with a cylindrical structure such as steel towers during automated flight to support safe operation. In addition, the combination of front/rear/left/right stereo cameras and an infrared range sensor in the upper part of the aircraft recognizes obstacles in the surroundings. It is also equipped with an obstacle braking function that automatically decelerates or stops the aircraft by judging its movement and surrounding conditions.

Sony reliability

A reliable professional drone bringing together a concentration of Sony’s technologies

The Airpeak S1 was developed in Japan by the concentration of the extensive technologies developed by Sony. Commercial production was realized by meticulous attention to detail.

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Extensive security measures

The Airpeak employs advanced security measures that have been accumulated through the extensive development of Sony’s products. We also provide a security white paper that can be used as a reference when considering the adoption and use of the system.

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Airpeak Security White Paper front cover showing Airpeak S1 drone

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