What are PTZ remote cameras?

Professional quality pictures, wider shooting possibilities

Sony PTZ cameras used in education and work from home scenarios

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras: impressive pictures, less effort, and easy integration

Add impact to every image capture with PTZ robotic cameras. Capture professional quality video in various educational or business scenes with unique shooting possibilities. Control multiple cameras remotely with one operator to reduce the workload on busy production teams: easy integration with other AV equipment saves even more time and effort.

Beautiful pictures from every angle

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras capture and stream professional-quality video images with no need for an operator to be physically present. Under remote control the camera can rotate from side-to-side (pan), move up/down (tilt), or zoom in/out for tight close-ups or wide-angle views of a scene. Great for socially distanced shooting situations, PTZ robotic cameras open up new opportunities for shooting professional-quality video images in virtually any environment.

Diagram showing how the camera can move at multiple angles

Discover the difference

PTZ remotely controlled cameras open up exciting new possibilities to shoot and stream professional-quality images that aren’t readily achievable using other types of camera.

Camcorder filming a presenter



  • Professional video quality.
  • Can be handheld, shoulder mounted, or used with a tripod depending on shooting environments.


  • Need operators nearby.
  • Normally record onto internal media, though some models also offer direct or wireless streaming outputs.
Security camera attached to outside wall

Security cameras


  • Can be controlled remotely.
  • Permanently installed indoors or outside for video surveillance and monitoring applications.


  • Limited frame rate or resolution.
  • Not typically designed to capture professional-quality video footage.
Web camera attached to top of PC

Web cameras


  • Affordable.
  • Small and light.
  • Can connect directly and easily to a PC.


  • Limited camera control capability.
  • Designed only for simple web chat and conferencing applications, with the subject seated directly in front of the camera.

More production power

Easy to install and manage, remotely controlled PTZ cameras broaden production options while helping keep operational costs in check.

PTZ camera and TV presenter in studio

Create richer content

PTZ cameras are ideal for space-limited and socially distanced environments where there’s no room for a regular camera and operator. Position PTZ cameras near to your talent for dramatic close-ups without an operator intruding on the scene. Or explore unusual shooting angles to create even more engaging content.

News production room during live TV show

Smarter operation

PTZ cameras free up operation crews to focus on other creative tasks. One operator can control several cameras remotely, offering more chances to capture high-quality images from multiple positions with less risk of missing that crucial moment. Frequently used camera moves can be automated, further reducing the need for skilled personnel.

USB cable showing easy plug in for camera

Easy integration

Installing PTZ cameras is quick, easy, and cost effective. A single Ethernet cable carries video, power, and control signals, reducing wiring requirements. Seamless interoperability with leading AV control and automation systems saves time while broadening your deployment options even further.

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Easy to install, operate, and manage, our remote cameras bring impressive quality and production flexibility to a wide range of content creation applications.

Illustration of lecture room and camera in position


  • Deepen student-teacher interaction and create powerful new learning experiences.
  • Our remote cameras realize every subtle gesture of lecturers as they’re presenting, together with reactions from the audience.
  • Preset camera positions allow near-instantaneous switching between presenter, whiteboard, and students.
Illustration of meeting room and camera in position

Business conferencing

  • Add more impact to meetings, allowing remote presenters and participants to see and be seen clearly, even under subdued boardroom lighting.
  • Zoom in for tight close-ups of individual speakers and objects, or capture a wider viewpoint that includes everyone in the room.
Illustration of government debate and camera in position


  • Create a definitive record of parliamentary and council meetings.
  • Document the remarks of every speaker without intruding on the proceedings.
  • Camera position presets can switch smoothly between views of the meeting chair, speaker, and other council members, with no need for dedicated operators in the room.
Illustration of small TV studio and camera in position

Small studios

  • Create high-quality content without needing large production teams.
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom smoothly between preset camera positions at the touch of a button.
  • Our compact PTZ cameras are ideal for smaller studio spaces, or for socially distanced productions where you need uncompromised image quality.
Illustration of a reality tv show live and camera in position

Reality shows

  • Create impactful entertainment that gets closer to the action.
  • Our compact, discreet cameras shoot high-quality footage that captures the talent’s natural reactions without distracting them.
  • A solo operator can control multiple cameras, with smooth, speedy transitions ensuring there’s no risk of missing priceless moments.
Illustration of faith center and camera in position

Houses of worship

  • Capture professional-quality pictures without distracting from the dignity of the occasion.
  • Shoot crisply detailed video for recording or stream live to a remote audience.
  • Unattended cameras can be discreetly installed in hard-to-reach places, covering any size of worship space with powerful zoom for frame-filling close-ups.
Picture of a variety of Sony cameras

Leading image makers

We’re a giant in the world of digital imaging. For over half a century we’ve notched up countless firsts in video production for TV broadcasters, movie-makers and professional content creators. And today you’ll see Sony’s image capture and processing innovation in cameras for a vast array of applications, from places of worship to education and business communications.

Case Studies

Sony equipment installed at Prefectural University of Hiroshima

Sony enhances remote learning at Prefectural University of Hiroshima

Comillas Pontifical University lecture room

Comillas Pontifical University switches to hybrid learning with Sony

Image of Emerson head office

Sony PTZ cameras enable remote customer inspection for Emerson

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