SRT: smooth, stable video streaming in all conditions

Poor network conditions can mean glitchy, stuttering video streams with distorted or frozen pictures. Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology addresses the challenges of remote video contribution while maintaining speedy delivery. SRT gives you the assurance of secure, stable, low-latency video streaming with remote cameras—even when Internet quality is less than perfect.

A montage of images. A talk show interview being recorded, Faith center and a man giving presentation

What is SRT?

We’ve never been more reliant on streaming video to help us keep us in touch. Everyone who uses the Internet for meetings with colleagues knows the frustration of jerky, interrupted or frozen video streams caused by poor network conditions.

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is an open-source protocol that combines encryption, packet loss recovery and jitter prevention technologies to preserve video stream quality and integrity. SRT harnesses the latest developments in real-time IP communications, enhancing conventional network error recovery methods to deliver extremely stable, low-latency media streams.

Editor editing videos on a dual-monitor setup
Customer streaming a webinar on laptop and making notes

Stream content securely

SRT also supports the powerful AES encryption standard. That means video content streamed over the public Internet using SRT is immune to unwelcome interception. It’s an extra level of reassurance that your enterprise videos and webinars really are secure at all times.

Examples of flexible workflow with SRT

Switch and mix SRT video content with compatible live streaming software, then upload to media server for distribution to viewers for consumption on different client devices.

Flowchart example using secure reliable transport and vMIX

Decode SRT content to normal video stream, then edit with normal production tools and upload to media server for distribution.

Flowchart example using secure reliable transport and Haivision Makito X decoder

Unique Adaptive Rate Control technology

Our latest 4K remote cameras also support Sony’s Adaptive Rate Control (ARC) technology.* If network bandwidth falls for any reason, our cameras compensate by reducing video stream bitrates until conditions improve.

Line graph showing conventional camera with frozen video due to low bandwidth

*Supported with BRC-X400, SRG-X400, SRG-X120 firmware Version 3.00.

ARC Performance

Providing stable streaming even in challenging network environments.

SRT in action

Our 4K remote cameras with support for SRT are ideal for a wide range of video streaming applications where you need smooth, secure, uninterrupted pictures.

A talk show interview being recorded
Remote production

Produce professional-looking programs for online audiences.

Man hosting presentation
Enterprise and webinars

Ensure that online presentations aren’t interrupted by jerky, stuttering video streams.

Inside shot of Faith center
Houses of worship

Stream high-quality footage from live services to online audiences worldwide.

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Remote cameras supporting Secure Reliable Transport

IP 4K Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with NDI®|HX capability.

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Front-facing image of SRG-X400

IP 4K Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with NDI®|HX capability.

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Front-facing image of SRG-X120

IP 4K Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with NDI®|HX capability.

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Three-quarters image of SRG-XP1

Compact 4K 60p POV remote camera with wide angle lens.

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Three-quarters image of SRG-XB25

Compact 4K 60p BOX-style remote camera with 25x optical zoom.

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*Supported with firmware Version 3.00.