Studio Tube Condenser Microphone PAC
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Studio Tube Condenser Microphone PAC
Designed for high-quality sound
Suitable for vocal recording in studios and film post production houses
High sensitivity of -32 dB/Pa
Low noise and low distortion due to built-in cooling system
Large diaphragm capsule
Electronically selectable directivity, either omni-directional or cardioid

The C-800PAC1 has the same specifications as the C-800GPAC


The ultimate in sound quality

The use of a rigorously selected vacuum tube gives this microphone its superb sonic quality, particularly at high frequencies and with exceptionally low noise levels. With a wide dynamic range and ability to resolve subtle sound detail, the sonic quality is expressed as rich, natural, and sensitive with an outstanding response to fast transients.

Critical vocal recordings

The C-800G is particularly suitable for critical vocal recording in recording studios and movie and video post-production houses, where sound clarity and nuance are essential.

Noise-elimination construction

The design incorporates a two-part body construction that effectively helps prevent acoustic vibration from reaching the microphone capsule, resulting in clarity of reproduction.

Advanced cooling system

The first microphone in the world to incorporate a built-in thermo-electric cooling system employing a semiconductor device, heat pipe, and heat sink, which greatly contribute to the low noise and low distortion characteristics.

High sensitivity

With a high sensitivity of –32 dB/Pa, this microphone can capture subtle nuances at high frequencies with low noise levels and minimum distortion.

Selectable directivity

The C-800G provides electronically selectable directivity, either omnidirectional or uni-directional, for maximum flexibility and control over pickup angle.

AC power supply unit

The AC-MC800G power supply unit is supplied as part of the C-800GPAC1 condenser microphone package.


Capsule Type
Frequency Response
20 Hz to 18 kHz
(Uni) –32.0 dB/Pa
(Omni) –35.0 dB/Pa
Dynamic Range
113 dB or more
S/N Ratio
(Uni) 76 dB or more
(Omni) 73 dB or more
Inherent Noise (0 dB SPL = 20 μPa)
(Uni) Less than 18 dB SPL (Omni) Less than 21 dB SPL
Max SPL (dB SPL) (0 dB SPL = 20 μPa)
(Uni) 131 dB SPL (Omni) 134 dB SPL
MIC output: JIS CNR01SRM016007 type
Cable Length
Mic Cable: 26 feet
Power Requirements
120 V AC, 60 Hz
Mic: 2.25 dia. x 7.63 x 9.38 inches
Power Supply: 8.5 x 4.25 x 12.13 inches
Mic: 2.0 lb
Power Supply: 11 lb 14 oz
Tube Condenser Microphone
C800G Power Supply
Same specs as the C-800GPAC

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