BRAVIA 4K Displays for Retail

Grab the attention of every shopper and give them a new retail experience

Give your visitors brighter, more connected shopping

Help shoppers explore, enjoy and interact with your brand through exquisite 4K displays. Use rich HDR colors, remarkable detail and smart image enhancements to create bold experiences. Share personalized offers. Guide customers through your store. Blend your physical and online spaces for true omnichannel shopping.

Entice and engage shoppers with 4K HDR displays

Seize shoppers’ attention with remarkable detail and vivid colors that stand out, even in brightly light stores. Choose from a wide range of screen sizes up to 98” (BRAVIA BZ50L) for big, bold, seductive images with thrilling contrast, exceptional clarity and ultra-smooth motion. Add optional touchscreen overlays to encourage customers’ hands-on interaction and engagement with your brand.

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Craft the experience your customers are looking for

Create a breathtaking retail environment where guests can enjoy the best of real-world and digital shopping — from personalized in-store offers to endless aisles. Blend convenience and inspiration, letting shoppers interact with your products and brand in new ways. Work with us to build the solution you need for your retail space and your customers.

Create, update and manage your signage with ease

From news, information and directions to in-store promotions and café menus – digital signage looks sensational on BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays. Our no-cost BRAVIA Signage Free software is now a pre-installed app on our BZ-L Series Professional Displays, allowing you to create polished multimedia content with no special skills or extra downloading needed. Copy files to USB memory and display colorful, eye-catching signage directly on BRAVIA, with no media player hardware or network connection needed. BRAVIA is also widely compatible with an extensive number of software platforms for control of powerful signage deployments across multiple locations.

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Multiple BRAVIA displays showing food menu for a fast food restaurant
BRAVIA display placed vertically for digital signage in a shopping center

Turn every screen into an interactive portal

Big, bright, beautiful BRAVIA BZ-L series Professional Displays are the key to strengthening customers’ engagement with compelling omnichannel brand experiences. Optional overlays transform BRAVIA into a responsive touch-screen portal, letting shoppers explore your products for themselves. The overlay’s tough, anti-glare surface complements Deep Black Non-Glare technology on BRAVIA BZ40L series, boosting contrast and reducing distracting reflections in bright, high-traffic stores. USB powering simplifies overlay installation and reduces costs.

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Compelling images that stop shoppers in their tracks

Create remarkable visual experiences that shoppers won’t forget. The sleek, minimalist design of BRAVIA Professional Displays blends beautifully into any retail space, with a wide range of screen sizes up to 98 in (BRAVIA BZ50L) and flexible installation possibilities. Captivate customers with crisp 4K detail, vivid colors and smooth on-screen motion. BRAVIA BZ40L features innovative Deep Black Non-Glare technology that cuts on-screen reflections for impressively bright, vibrant images that are clearly seen by shoppers from any angle as they progress through your store.

BRAVIA display placed between shop floors
BRAVIA display in a clothing store

Build new worlds your customers can explore

Build immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences your guests can control, from interactive adverts to an entirely new world to explore. Whether it’s a swipe or a gesture — even motion — you decide how guests move through the world you create. Let customers interact with and explore your content on a bigger scale, using whole walls, passageways and even domes.

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Professional in every detail

Packed with Sony innovation, BRAVIA BZ-L series is the truly professional display for department stores, supermarkets, showrooms, quick service restaurants and other retail environments. It’s available in a wide range of screen sizes up to an extra-large 98 in, making the BZ-L series ideal for every size of retail space. Inside there’s a powerful X1 processor for crisp, colorful, punchy visuals that always stand out. One Step Setting instantly configures picture mode, input, control settings and more to suit any retail application, from attracting shoppers and wayfinding to emergency messaging.

Supermarket hall with shops and Bravia display for retail
An image of the forest and the river and Bravia display on top

Sustainability in every scene

With growing demand for ever larger display screens, there is also the risk of greater resource and energy use. However, Sony’s sustainability commitments are realizing efficiency gains from product development right through to customers’ viewing screens.

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Our range of professional displays for retail enhances in-store experiences with screen sizes that help shoppers better interact with brands. BRAVIA Professional Displays feature a range of innovative technologies for superior image quality with easy operation, extensive integration options and low ownership costs.

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Bravia range of displays

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