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Display solutions that provide a gorgeous showcase for cosmetics and fragrance brands plus a satisfying in-store retail experience

Health and beauty retail trends

Intense competition

Embracing digitalization

The drive for innovation

Supporting sustainability

Retail display solutions for health and beauty

Grab shoppers’ attention and enable personalized interactive brand communications that really stand out – and provide smooth, rewarding in-store ordering and self-checkout experiences with our bright, energy-efficient display solutions.

Create that wow effect

Build uniquely immersive audiovisual experiences that deliver on the seductive promise of high-end cosmetics, fragrance and skincare brands.

Vertical professional display with image of perfume on a store

Maximize time in store

Entice customers to dwell for longer in your store and increase spending, with colorful, larger-than-life displays that command attention and stimulate sales.

Beauty store with Professional Display showcasing beauty products

Make shopping simple

Make store visits more satisfying, with easy-to-use self-serve systems that help customers browse, buy and collect their orders.

A woman scanning a beauty product in a store

Immersive visual experiences that attract customers

Our BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays and Crystal LED video walls showcase every exciting detail of the latest fragrance, cosmetic and skincare products with impressive brightness, clarity and contrast. Vibrant color reproduction reveals the subtlest differences between make-up shades, while an extra-wide viewing angle ensures sensational images that are always seen clearly by every shopper.

Woman in front of professional display with interactive make-up try-on

Engage shoppers on any scale

Slim, stylish BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays are available in a wide choice of panel sizes up to 98” to suit high-end retailers and luxury stores alike. Reliable, easy-to-install laser projectors transform high-end retail environments with colorful, super-sized visuals that can be projected onto walls, ceilings, floors or curved surfaces. Delivering breathtaking images with extraordinary color and contrast, our Crystal LED video walls simplify the creation of unforgettable visuals of any size and scale to flatter the largest, most luxuriously appointed retail spaces.

Display with high-contrast make-up image

Create “phygital” shopping journeys

Our versatile BRAVIA Professional Displays are ideal integration partners for third-party touchscreen overlays and kiosk solutions, simplifying the creation of interactive systems for customers to browse, buy, collect or return orders. Display and demonstrate a wider range of products. Create exciting “phygital” virtual product tests and try-ons. And build satisfying self-checkout experiences, saving valuable floor space and freeing retail staff to focus on more valuable tasks. Our displays can play out HTML5 content with no need for a dedicated media player, simplifying in-store integration. Centralized display management streamlines quick, flexible set-up for every screen in the largest health and beauty store.

Beauty store with interactive professional displays

Cost-efficient retail display solutions

You can’t afford downtime in a busy store. Our energy-efficient BRAVIA pro displays, projectors and Crystal LED video walls are designed for reliable round-the-clock operation in health and beauty stores. BRAVIA Professional Displays offer the convenience of programmable screen on/off times to cut energy consumption outside store hours, drive down ownership costs and support sustainability goals. Our projectors let shoppers enjoy Unplasticised high-brightness images for up to 20,000 hours*, reducing maintenance needs, while our Crystal LED video walls feature an energy-efficient fan-less design that eliminates the need for costly air conditioning.

*Depending on usage environment.

Display in store entrance showcases a beauty product

Capture customer attention, even under bright lights

Harsh room lights can mean washed-out, hard-to-read signage and information screens that customers ignore. Premium BZ40L BRAVIA Professional Displays feature Sony’s cutting-edge Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology that reduces hazing and screen reflections caused by bright lights. You’ll be rewarded with vibrant, high-contrast visuals that customers can see clearly from any angle – keeping them engaged and informed on every visit.

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BRAVIA with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating attracts shoppers visually

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From grabbing consumers’ attention to creating richly interactive self-order and checkout experiences, our high-brightness Crystal LED video walls and projectors, BRAVIA pro displays and line array speaker offer comprehensive audiovisual solutions for health and beauty retailers.

Attracting shoppers

Create stunning brand-focused visuals that captivate shoppers’ attention in high-end boutiques and department stores with our spectacularly bright, low maintenance laser projectors. Want to go even bigger? Our easy-to-install Crystal LED BH and CH-series video walls scale readily to create sumptuously immersive experiences that can’t be missed in large stores. Add an extra sensory dimension for shoppers with the SLS-1A Line Array Speaker for rich, powerful audio that surrounds visitors.

Health store with professional displays


Don’t miss that critical opportunity to connect with customers. Deliver a crystal-clear message about new products, in-store offers and promotional events with our brightest BZ40L 4K BRAVIA Professional Display, or our largest BZ50L BRAVIA Professional Display or cost-effective EZ20L Series. Team high-impact visuals with rich audio from our SLS-1A Line Array Speaker that’s easily heard in busy stores.

50% off makeup offer is displayed on a professional display on a health and beauty store

Placing orders and interactive experiences

Available in a wide range of sizes, our BZ30L and BZ35L BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays are ideal for integration with interactive kiosks and self-order systems. High screen brightness and rich, vibrant colors ensure that health and beauty products look their very best, while reliable operation ensures a smooth, satisfying ordering and collection experience for store visitors.

Woman touching checkout display

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