Smart Agriculture Solution Webinar Series

We’re offering a series of free webinars to provide an overview of the benefits of our real-time vegetation analytics, with tips on how you can implement this new solution using drone remote sensing.

Welcome to our Smart Agriculture Webinar Series

Hemp field

Maximizing Crop Yield Using Drone and Leaf Spot Analytics

Today’s farmers are evaluating best practices to help aid in the growth and harvest of new crops using tools that allow the grower to monitor and analyze the field for maximize yield potential.

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Drone hovering low to the ground in front of a corn field

Minimize In-Field Damage

Analyze early symptoms of crop damage and implement treatment.

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Farm machinery watering green crop field

Evaluate the Efficacy of Crop Application with Syngenta

Utilize our Smart Agriculture Solution to plan and execute crop protection applications.

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Drone flying low over a crop field

Optimize Nitrogen Application Rates by Peterson Farms Seed

Utilize our Smart Agriculture Solution to plan and execute Nitrogen application.

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Close up of corn in corn field

Expand Your Business Opportunities with Smart Agriculture Solutions from Sony

Are you a drone pilot looking for a new opportunity within the Agriculture industry.

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Drone on the ground in crop field

Make Fast Strategic Decisions when Assessing Whether to Replant or Not

If you are a farmer or agronomist learn how to count the stand of the entire field which will make replanting decisions easier and faster.

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Agronomist using tablet to control drone flying over crop field

Prepare for the Upcoming Season with Sony Drone-based Plant Count Solution

Learn how new stand count solution from Sony lets users rapidly review the entire field to evaluate the need to replant.

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Agronomist using a laptop in the middle of a green field

Preparing for the 2020 Season: Smart Agriculture Solutions

Learn how dual sensor technology and real-time vegetation analytics software from Sony lets users rapidly identify possible problem areas, coordinate ground truthing, and target treatment with precision.

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Aerial view of research field with plants planted in grid formation

Improve In-field Research with Smart Agriculture Solution from Sony

This webinar will provide a basic introduction of Smart Agriculture Solution from Sony.

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Agronomist using a tablet in a field with long rows of short green plants

How to Use the Solution Throughout the Growing Season

Learn the basics of our smart agriculture solution, and hear from Nolan Berg, from Peterson Farms Seed.

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