Smart agriculture

Advanced real-time vegetation analytics

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Reduce running costs, boost productivity, and optimize yield with our combination of sophisticated dual camera technology and analytics software. Smart agriculture solution—the result of extensive research and beta testing—supports day-to-day crop management by collecting and analyzing data on growth and health status quickly and accurately.

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Agronomic decisions made easy

Our dual sensor and real-time vegetation analytics software speed up scouting and provide a compelling perspective on crop health—empowering users to rapidly identify problem areas, coordinate ground truthing, and target treatment with precision.

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Seamless offline drone field surveys

Our combined Multispectral Camera and GNSS Sensor Unit surveys large areas of land and meticulously collects data, rapidly generating a combined NDVI and RGB map in the field—without the need for an Internet connection.

Fast Stitching

Expedite data capture of large areas of land

Image stitching produces comprehensive crop health data, fast. Our proprietary technology uses fast image stitching with only 20% image overlap, compared to 80% for conventional stitching. This enables quick image capture for large areas, covering up to 160 acres/65 hectares each flight.

Make better decisions with precision imagery

High-resolution imagery reveals critical issues to enable rapid diagnosis and enhanced decision-making. Our drone-mounted Multispectral Camera captures 12 MP RGB and 2 MP NDVI maps and geolocation data simultaneously to give an instant view on crop density. The inbuilt sunlight sensor means no manual calibration is required for white balance and NDVI, making scouting possible in a variety of weather conditions. The result is reliable, high-quality images that reveal key factors like crop health, density, and growth rate.

Drone-mounted Multispectral Camera
GNSS Sensor Unit

Pinpoint problem areas with advanced GPS

Advanced geolocation data synchronizes with image acquisition, allowing growers and agronomists to track specific areas. Our unique low-power GNSS Sensor Unit works in conjunction with the Multispectral Camera to acquire latitude, longitude, altitude, and attitude information (orientation and heading), leveraged by our unique algorithm and real-time processor, which is recorded as metadata on the images. This generates highly accurate maps that enable growers to deliver targeted and efficient treatment.

Dedicated field analytics tool

Our Fast Field Analyzer software produces in-depth data and maps, streamlining drone field surveys and providing you with essential crop health data in minutes.

Analyze fields faster

Obtain in-depth, accurate data with no Internet connection required. Our easy-to-use software processes multiple flights in a single transfer. The Fast Field Analyzer processes data fast enough to enable daily crop decision-making. The Quick Segmentation tool provides a wider perspective of an entire field at a glance, including an NDVI heat map and a high-resolution view of overall crop density, to help you make an informed initial assessment and decide where to focus next.

laptop with FFA-PCW GUI
Field Assessment Feature

Focus on points of interest for targeted insights

Inspect areas more closely with advanced diagnostic tools. Users can define regions or points of interest on the map and get further insights thanks to the Field Assessment Feature, which includes a pie chart and breakout view that segments heat map colors to make diagnosis quick and easy.

Review crop detail row-by-row

Closely analyze plant health to prioritize resources. The crop density view provides the most targeted view, revealing individual row density for in-depth analysis. Growers can switch from NDVI to RGB to see crop health in full color up close and confirm which areas to commit resources to. Our original AI-based stand count feature allows accurate assessment of the entire field, enabling partial sectional field replanting and decision-making in a timely manner at early crop-growth stage.

Field Count Image
Lady in field counting crop

External storage management

Datasets captured in the field can be transferred to external storage and downloaded on demand to a laptop as needed. It’s a valuable feature for agronomists who can load all relevant past data for a particular farm before undertaking a site survey.

Streamline ground truthing

Streamline work with accurate, real-time data. Smart agriculture solution enables you to rapidly share GPS coordinates and export maps to seamlessly organize ground truthing and treat problem areas. Farmers can rapidly identify the presence of pests, disease or weeds, and target pesticides with precision.

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