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We understand that seminars, lectures, and other auditorium gatherings can be very effective for building relationships with high-value customers. These events are ideal for sharing information about industry trends, new products, and new technologies, and for opening paths to new business opportunities.

HD production system for auditoriums

Sony HD live production systems can add considerable value to seminars, lectures, and other auditorium events. In particular, they can display high-quality video and audio in real time, show video on auditorium monitors, and stream recorded content from websites on demand. These numerous capabilities allow presenters to better serve their audience’s needs, and enable secondary use of video assets in ways that may further expand business opportunities.

Sony’s MCS-8M is a compact, multi-format, 1-M/E video switcher equipped with eight HD-capable inputs, four HD-capable outputs, an audio mixer, and a control panel. This all-in-one unit, weighing in at just 5 kg (11 lb), offers a wide range of switching functions, and supports many different video effects and signal types. The compact but highly functional MCS-8M can greatly facilitate the production of impressive live HD video.

System configuration

The DWZ series: Ideal for auditoriums

Our DWZ wireless microphone systems deliver high-quality sound (24-bit, linear PCM transmission) and effective amplification, making it ideal for use in auditoriums and similar venues. The DWZ series transmits on the 2.4-GHz band, and supports both wideband and narrowband radio modes, allowing you to select the mode that best matches your LAN environment and usage requirements. The series also implements original voice-data processing, and its receivers use space diversity (double antennas) to ensure reliable transmission.

Numerous DWZ packages are available to suit different needs – from conference packages designed for speech, to musical packages designed for vocalists, guitarists, and other musical instrumentation.

Technology: Audio

Sony microphones and tape recorders were first introduced to the world in the 1950s. Now, more than 60 years later, Sony is synonymous with the production and distribution of high quality professional audio products for news gathering, video production, live events and broadcast.

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