The Future Learning Collaborative

Closing the gap between institutional decision-makers and higher education technology providers.

With support from Sony Electronics, the Future Learning Collaborative facilitates dialogue among practitioners from 11 colleges and universities, and Sony designers and researchers — to share insights, surface best practices, and source perspectives that reflect the realities, challenges, and opportunities of education technology. See press release for more information on the Future Learning Collaborative.

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The role of technology in education

The Future Learning Collaborative brings design thinking and institutional insight to bear on the development of classroom technologies that enable better outcomes and deeper learning.

Solutions that align with priorities

The Collaborative, comprised of a cross-section of public, private, two- and four-year institutions, reflects our history of working closely with customers across a range of industries, including broadcast technology, to understand their technologies and develop solutions that align with their priorities.

Our role in design

Rooted in Sony’s decades-long experience supporting colleges and universities with technology development and integration, the group seeks to engage practitioners directly in a design process to ensure that our approach and product development address institutions’ most critical needs.

Looking ahead

Together, Collaborative participants are creating a new forum to support the development of technologies rooted in the realities of faculty and institutional leaders, a commitment to transparency, and the facilitation of active discourse among education technology companies and institutions of higher learning.

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Education Solutions

Efficient and eco-friendly Digital Paper classroom solution

This solution utilizes Sony’s Digital Paper with a cloud-based service that is both more efficient and eco-friendly than paper-based alternatives. Our Digital Paper solution is a collaborative tool that lets students and teachers work together using handwriting to:

  • Deliver content from teacher to students
  • Monitor and share content among teacher and students
  • Collect content/assignments/tests from students to teacher
  • Enable teacher review and feedback to students

Software-based Lecture Capture without hardware

User-generated video content has become the most popular and effective way to share information. This new software-based solution lets universities, colleges and corporate organizations create and share rich media video — live streamed or on demand to suit the needs of any audience. Easy to use, scalable and cost-effective, this solution orchestrates every phase of producing and delivering pro-quality video content, from recording and editing to publishing, managing and user analytics.

Powerful and dynamic analytics

Our latest hardware solution includes an intuitive Chrome-based web console, PTZ camera auto tracking and HDMI In/Outx2 (4k 30P, 1080). For increased flexibility, additional software licenses will be offered to enable handwriting extraction, and soon to be announced real-time cropping and Chromakey-less CG overlay.