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UbiCast is the easy-to-use automated solution that lets organizations create and share rich media video for learning, training and webcasting.

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Easily create and share polished video content

User-generated video content has become the most popular and effective way to share information. UbiCast lets universities, colleges and corporate organizations create and share rich media video – live streamed or on demand to suit the needs of any audience. Easy to use, scalable and cost-effective, UbiCast orchestrates every phase of producing and delivering pro-quality video content, from recording and editing to publishing, managing and user analytics.

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A world of applications for UbiCast

UbiCast creates exciting new possibilities for interactive teaching, learning, training, and knowledge sharing:

  • Lecture capture — Digitize lectures and deliver them automatically as searchable, engaging videos
  • MOOC creation — Create high-quality interactive learning videos for Massive Open Online Course programs
  • Online training — Produce engaging, flexible video training modules for employees, customers, and partners
  • Webcasting — Stream conferences and events to a global audience, live or on demand

Solutions on any scale

UbiCast scales readily to meet the needs of any organization — from single-seat production to large-scale implementation across a whole campus or department:

  • Netcapture — Works as a network-based Lecture Capture recorder in combination with Sony’s Vision Exchange to create a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution
  • Miris Video Platform is the powerful, flexible content delivery platform with everything you need to record, store, and stream lectures, training modules, and tutorials for blended learning
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Enriching content capture in every teaching space

Netcapture from UbiCast integrates with Sony’s Vision Exchange to create a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective networked lecture capture solution. Interactive content, such as mirrored imagery, annotations, and digital whiteboard content streamed from Vision Exchange, is recorded centrally and indexed by Netcapture, before transfer to Miris Video Platform for editing and distribution. With no need for separate recording hardware in individual classrooms or lecture theaters, it is a uniquely cost-effective solution that brings content capture into every teaching space. Enhancing the value of content compared with conventional single-camera capture, High Definition AV content can be recorded from six different sources simultaneously, including the presentation itself plus separate videos of the teacher and students’ questions and answers.

Quicker, lower cost content creation

Traditionally, creating online video content has demanded the use of specialist production and editing resources. UbiCast reduces the cost and complexity of creating high quality video without compromising on quality, with features like auto-tracking to keep your presenter tightly framed in shot, plus dynamic production and automated branding.

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Add interactivity for extra engagement

While Sony’s Vision Exchange allows students and teachers to wirelessly share and annotate content from their laptop, smartphone, or tablet devices to the front of a classroom, Netcapture records all interactivity in the classroom over the network. With Miris Video Platform, it’s easy to make rich media video content more engaging by adding another interactive element for online learners, such as time-based comments, links, and quizzes — there’s even a search engine that leverages advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to find specific information. It is ideal for teaching and training applications to ensure that students have absorbed and understood course materials.

Share content the way you want to

Distribute completed video content through any channel. Share via USB drive, live streaming or FTP file transfer. Content can also be uploaded directly to Miris Video Platform — the smart, secure, and scalable video streaming platform that can be deployed on site or in the cloud.

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Powerful analytics

Add extra intelligence to all your video content from automatic slide indexing, audio level normalization and optical character recognition to statistics of published video content.

Bring your campus alive

Discover solutions and technologies to enable richer, more rewarding educational experiences that inspire every learner.

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