Firmware: PXW-FX9 V2.0

A malfunction has been found in PXW-FX9 firmware V2.00 which was recently released. As a precaution and to help our customers, downloads of the V2.00 firmware have been suspended until further notice. For details of the issue please see below.
Our team is working to fix this now and a schedule of the revised version will be announced shortly, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

[Symptoms of malfunction]
By using V2.00 installed PXW-FX9, with following setup, horizontal noise may be noticed in captured and recorded images:
Project - Rec Format - Imager Scan Mode : FFcrop 5K
Technical - Lens – Distortion Comp. : Auto

To avoid this malfunction for PXW-FX9 with V2.00 installed, please choose either (1) or (2) setup below.
1. Project - Rec Format - Imager Scan Mode: other than FFcrop 5K
2. Project - Rec Format - Imager Scan Mode: FFcrop 5K. Lens – Distortion Comp. : Off* (*default setup is "Auto") . Note that with this setup, lens distortion compensation process is not applied.

All other functions will continue to work properly with V2.00.

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