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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sony products

How can I calculate the throw distance on a projector?

To calculate the throw distance on your projector, please try our Projector Installation Simulator.

How do I disable the VPL automatic lamp dimming feature?

To disable Lamp Dimming on your projector, select the following menu items: Connection/Power > Eco > With Static Signal > Off

How do I access the HDBT settings on VPL-PHZ10 and later projectors?

To access the HDBT settings on the VPL-PHZ10 and later projectors enter the Advanced User Mode: On the remote control, press DOWN, UP, ENTER, RIGHT in sequence and answer yes to “Do you wish to enter Advanced User Mode?” Go into the Menu, scroll down to Device, select Other. Use the up or down buttons to get to item 78 HDBaseT Mode. Use the left or right buttons to change the value to 1. Press the return button, then select “Save to Memory.”

How do I set up the RM-IP10 for use with the SRG-300SE?

To perform the RM-IP10 network setup for use with the SRG-300SE, please watch our tutorial.

Where do I find firmware updates for my PXW camera?

To access the PXW camera firmware update, please use our search engine to locate your model’s firmware.

Where can I download Catalyst Software?

To access and download the Catalyst Software, visit Sony Creative Software.

Can I update my PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 camera to v8.0?

To upgrade PMW-F Series, please confirm the following: PMW-F5 serial number must be 100782 and above to be upgraded to v8.0. PMW-F55 serial number must be 100724 and above to be upgraded to v8.0. If the criteria is not met, please contact our service center.

How do I select the video output on the PXW-X70?

The video output is accessible via Menu operation. Use the REC/OUT SET > VIDEO OUT > OUTPUT SELECT MENU and choose either SDI, HDMI, or Video.

Is a Content Manager License included with the ODS-D280U Optical Disc Archive?

Yes, one Content Manager License is included with your ODS-D280U Optical Disc Archive purchase.

How can I recover media for a 64-GB SxS card?

Please visit Sony Media Recovery Support or call 877-440-3453.

Why am I receiving a No Tone message on the UTX-B03 transmitter display when paired with a URX-P2 receiver?

You are receiving a “No Tone” message because the Compander Mode on your UTX transmitter is set incorrectly and will not work with the URX-P2 Analog receiver. In order for the two to function, you must set the Compander Mode to UWP, not UWP-D.

Where do I download the White Balance Software for my PVM monitors?

The Auto White Balance Software (v1.4) is available for download. To access the software, visit the Automatic White Balance Software Tool.

Can my PMW-F3 camera record S-Log?

Yes, if your PMW-F3 is at v1.40 or above you can record S-Log. To activate S-Log recording you have to change the Gamma Setting in a PICTURE PROFILE.

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