CBK-55BK (CBK55BK)停产

EFP-style build-up kit for PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 CineAlta cameras



Greater flexibility of shooting style for applications such as documentaries, sports and news
The CBK-55BK build-up kit enables one-person operation of the PMW-F55 and PMW–F5 CineAlta cameras, making it easy to achieve a shooting style to suit a variety of needs while maintaining the familiar, easy-to-use interface features of traditional shoulder camcorders.
Good weight balance
Ergonomic design usable with any lenses and featuring an adjustable shoulder pad and front block control.
DWX 数字无线音频插槽
为 DWX 系列 DWR-S02D 2 通道数字无线接收器提供一个插槽。


Two adjustable blocks for good weight balance
Shoulder pad has 33m adjustable range.Front block with all control buttons has 37mm adjustable range.
RAW recording functionality
The build-up kit also supports the AXS-R5 for 2K/4K 16bit RAW recording up to 240 fps in 2K.
Battery adaptor*
Battery adaptor includes DC input, Hirose 1.8A DC output and D-TAP 4.17A (50W) DC output*.
* D-TAP DC output not available when using AXS-R5.
Easy to attach/detach mechanism
该套件易于安装拆装,有了它您可以方便地将PMW-F55/F5 用作全肩扛式摄像机,或按原始风格使用,为您的拍摄风格提供更多灵活性。
Support of wireless audio receiver
The build-up kit includes an audio section and input/output section at the rear side, offering support for wireless audio, with a familiar design common to main broadcast camcorders.
Lens support
Using standard PL lenses or common B4 2/3-inch broadcast lenses with the LA-FZB1 or LA-FZB2* will suit a wide variety of applications.
* When using the LA-FZB2, the original handle supplied with the camera needs to be used.
Supplied top handle
The new improved top handle comes with a microphone holder and viewfinder cable protection.It also provides cover for the fan input on the top of the body to protect against rain or dust.The handle is also able to attach the CBK-WA100 wireless adaptor without needing a USB connection.
支持 DWX 系列无线音频接收器
该套件的后侧有一个音频接收器插槽和输入/输出接口,为 DWX 系列无线音频接收器提供支持,采用了主流广播摄录一体机常见的熟悉设计。该插槽式接收器可与多种 DWX 系列发射器无缝配合,形成了全数字音频工作流程。