Arquivamento e gerenciamento de conteúdo

Para atender à demanda crescente por gerenciamento, armazenamento e por conteúdo digital de reaproveitamento, as soluções robustas e de longo prazo da Sony aumentam a flexibilidade, escalabilidade, confiabilidade e o desempenho. Seja para freelancers ou emissoras em nível nacional, temos o que você precisa para superar os desafios de hoje e de amanhã. Nosso Optical Disc Archive e as soluções de armazenamento em massa e de arquivo oferecem total tranquilidade às indústrias profissionais de transmissão e de A/V.

Discover Optical Disc Archive

Large or small scale, discover how Sony’s Optical Disc Archive (ODA) provides excellent data archiving and asset management. Easily scalable to grow with your business and future proof, ODA can help you achieve safe long-term storage for all your digital assets while keeping archiving costs low. Simple to get started and with a life of up to 100 years, discover how ODA can help you manage, protect and access your data archive.

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Media Backbone NavigatorX

Sifting through mountains of assets to get exactly what you need can be a challenge. Where was that clip stored? What was it called? Is it in the right format? Bring order to the chaos with our Media Backbone NavigatorX (NVX).

This powerful, yet affordable content management and workflow orchestration solution is uniquely flexible and easily scalable. Store and retrieve assets across an array of platforms: NAS, Archive and Cloud. You get fast, pinpoint accurate
searches. Even non-programmers can create automated workflows to transcode,
distribute and archive in changing environments.

And, when you integrate Media Backbone NavigatorX with our Ci Media Cloud Platform you’ll get seamless on-premise and cloud integration allowing you to streamline storage, reviews, approvals, distribution and delivery.

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The Vatican video archive goes digital with Sony's innovative Optical Disc Archive

Video footage of special moments in the lives of the Popes are among the Vatican’s most precious assets. Thanks to Sony technology these irreplaceable records will soon be safer and more easily accessible than ever.

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