ZTX-B01 (ZTXB01)

DWZ Series digital wireless body-pack transmitter


All-metal body-pack transmitter
The ZTX-B01 is supplied with the DWZ-B30GB and DWZ-B50GB digital wireless sets for guitar and bass players, and DWZ-B50I digital wireless set for other instruments.
Superb digital sound
With 24-bit linear PCM digital, you get high sound quality with reliable RF transmission, utilising unique transmission technology developed by Sony. Also, with support for two RF modes, your experiences can be shared over WiFi.


Adjustable attenuator
Adjustable transmitter attenuators allow you to select proper audio input levels from the microphone and instruments. The ZTX-B01 can be switched between instrument and microphone input.
Robust metal body
The ZTX-B01 is made of strong durable metal. Metal construction supports reliable use in rough operating conditions.
Easy-to-use operation
The ZTX-B01 features a muting function for tuning. In addition, a lock function protects from inadvertent setting changes.
Two AA battery operation
The ZTX-B01 is powered by standard AA batteries to maximise flexibility and mobility.