Ideally suited to demanding virtual production applications, our latest-generation VERONA modular Crystal LED video walls deliver breathtaking images with truly impressive brightness and clarity.

VERONA’s extraordinary black levels, low reflection, high brightness, wide colour gamut and high refresh rate, plus installation-friendly features let content creators compose immersive and realistic visual experiences on any scale.

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Industry-leading innovation in virtual production

As a global leader in motion picture production, creative technology and entertainment, by working closely with the industry and creative leaders, Sony understands the exciting possibilities as well as the technical challenges of virtual production. This unique combination of industry insight and technological innovation has enabled us to create VERONA – the most advanced expression yet of Crystal LED technology, giving content creators and performers a uniquely expressive canvas for the next generation of virtual production.

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Experience Virtual Production at DMPC Pinewood, UK

Our state-of-the-art Virtual Production set features our Crystal LED display, the VENICE 2 CineAlta camera and new Sony Virtual Production Tool Set. You´ll also be able to get a closer look at VERONA, our next generation Crystal LED display launched at IBC 2023. Book your free demonstration now.

Virtual Production set at DMPC Pinewood with VENICE 2 camera and Crystal LED display.

Virtual real: exceptional picture quality in demanding production applications

Crystal LED VERONA is a compelling choice for virtual production. The extraordinary black levels, low reflection, high brightness, wide color gamut and high refresh rate of Crystal LED lets content creators realize lifelike digital backdrops, dramatically simplifying the creation of complex multi-element shots in-camera without the need for live actors to perform in front of green screens.

Actors being filmed in front of realistic city scene LED background.
Industry-leading black levels with reduced reflections and glare

Achieving deep, realistic black levels is one of the most persistent challenges in virtual production workflow. Incident light from other sources falling on the LED wall can cause inadequate black levels in virtual backgrounds, requiring costly correction in post production. VERONA utilizes Sony’s newly developed Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technologies to achieve unmatched black levels – allowing incredibly natural, realistic mixing of real and virtual elements.

Space scene showing colours using Conventional LED.
Conventional LED
Space scene showing colours using VERONA.

Creating Deep Black Technology

Development of the advanced surface technology for Crystal LED VERONA has demanded exhaustive evaluation of different candidate materials and techniques. A key challenge was achieving unprecedented black levels, extremely high brightness and a wide cinematic colour gamut while minimising reflections from the panel surface under the glare of powerful studio lighting. The successful result has been made possible by Sony’s extensive heritage and technical knowledge of display surface treatments and optical engineering, coupled with our close relationships with industry-leading material vendors.

Image of conventional LED picture quality Deep Black surface technology explained diagram.
Cinematic colour gamut explained diagram.

High brightness and wide, cinematic colour gamut

VERONA is ideally suited to the demands of virtual production, with an extremely high display brightness of 1,500 cd/m2 complemented by accurate reproduction of over 97% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut.

High refresh rate reduces scanline artifacts

If the refresh rate of an LED display is too low, it can cause flickering and distracting scanline artifacts that are particularly noticeable with today’s high frame rate cameras used for virtual production. VERONA employs high performance LED driver ICs (Integrated Circuits) capable of extremely high refresh rates up to 7,680Hz – significantly greater than other commercially available LED wall solutions.

Image of conventional LED picture refresh rate.
Conventional LED

Scan line artifact occurs when shooting from a camera due to the a low refresh rate LED.

Image of VERONA LED picture refresh rate.

VERONA goes up to 7,680Hz and without visible scan lines when shooting from a camera.

Installation flexibility

VERONA gives system integrators and rental specialists exceptional installation freedom. The modular LED panels are easy to install without needing special skills or costly jigs and other complex equipment.

Image of product installation points.
Quick, easy construction

Popular with the virtual production rental industry, the self-stacking cabinet’s square 1:1 proportions simplifies rapid LED wall assembly.

Image of installation angle adjustment features.
Supports various installation forms

VERONA gives installers exceptional flexibility in building LED walls of virtually any scale and shape, including very large stacks and curved surfaces.

Image of Z-axis adjustment feature.
Precise Z-axis adjustment

Easy Z-axis adjustment allows fine alignment of individual cabinets, ensuring that the LED wall surface is extremely flat to eliminate visible lines when shooting from an angle.

Reduced LED module damage

VERONA features protection measures to minimize the risks of costly accidental damage when individual cabinets are joined together during LED wall construction. In addition each module features LED surface protection that safeguards LEDs from being dislodged or damaged.

Surface Protection
Conventional LED surface diagram.
Conventional LED

As the LED package is only mounted on the surface, it is easy to remove.

Crystal LED surface coating diagram.

The surface is flat, therefore it is difficult to remove the LED.

Protection mechanisms
Edge protection feature product images.
Edge Protection

Edge protection plate automatically slides in when two cabinets are combined to avoid top and bottom from hitting together.

Pin and groove feature product image.
Groove for sliding contact

The pin slides on the groove and falls into the hole to avoid sides of the cabinets from rubbing together.

Quick, easy routine maintenance

Costly downtime is a luxury that no virtual production facility can afford. VERONA is designed for easy maintenance, cutting pressure on technical crews with time-saving features for simple maintenance.

Back view of LED module access.
Quick module swaps

Individual LED modules can be easily exchanged with access from the front and back of the cabinet.

Status light.
Status light

A status indicator light on the back of each module makes it simple to identify any units that need exchanging.

Detachable power unit.
Detachable power unit

Each module’s power unit can be easily detached via a simple locking knob, with no special tools needed.

Energy efficient design

Electrical power consumption is a significant contributor to everyday running costs for any virtual production facility. VERONA combines energy-efficient super fine LED circuits with advanced Sony power control technology, reducing consumption by up to 38% compared to conventional LED walls. *As power per unit brightness.

Graph showing Electricity cost of VERONA vs conventional LED.

Workflow friendly

Crystal LED is designed to fit smoothly and efficiently into today’s virtual production workflow. VERONA is available in versions that are fully compatible with leading LED wall display controller companies Brompton and Megapixel, simplifying integration into a wide range of virtual production environments while reducing training requirements. Furthermore, exceptional black levels and consistently accurate colour reproduction during shooting means less additional work in post-production.

Compatible LED wall display controller for VERONA

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