Live Production Control Automation for MVS-8000X, MVS-7000X, MVS-6530, and MVS-3000A


Enhanced Live Production Control System
Sony's ELC-MVS01 (ELC) system is designed to meet growing demands by broadcasters for newsroom automation to enhance operational efficiency and newsroom productivity. ELC can help increase on-air time without increasing cost. It manages all newsroom control functions from a dedicated operator position. These include video and sound sources; studio cameras and audio; playout servers; DDRs; and graphic devices. The system is fully integrated with NRCS using an ActiveX plug-in to continuously monitor the playlist and automatically prepare assets for the next cue.

To maintain operator familiarity, the addition of ELC does not change NRCS processes. NRCS remains the 'master', with ELC mirroring the workflows. In simple terms, ELC sits alongside NRCS and the various devices rather than between them. With dual redundancy for critical operations, ELC does not compromise newsroom output at any time. ELC's extensive list of operational features is the result of experience, consultation and feedback. Because Sony understands the intense pressure of live news, ELC can rapidly revert to manual operation - for instance, to cope with breaking news, to reposition a camera or to re-balance audio levels. Operators will find the ergonomic control surface and intuitive GUI easy to use.
Increase on-air time
By improving the operational efficiency of the newsroom, broadcasters can shorten the time between bulletins without the need for additional staff. Also, as more bulletins are scheduled, broadcasters should expect a corresponding rise in advertising revenue.
Improve viewing figures and audience share
Because ELC automates many routine newsroom functions, key staff can be repurposed from managing content to creating higher-quality content. This will drive up output standards, increase viewing figures and - ultimately - lead to an increase in advertising revenue.
Increase newsroom flexibility
Because ELC can support automated, semi-automated and manual operations, the newsroom becomes more flexible. Standard news programmes with fixed formats can be made using automation and fewer resources, while flagship programmes and 'one-offs' can revert to full manual control.
Reduce risk of errors
With fewer staff in the pressurised environment of the 'live' newsroom, the risk of production errors will significantly reduce.


Just about the last thing needed by broadcasters is unnecessary change to proven workflows that are so familiar to newsroom producers. The ELC-MVS01 (ELC) system from Sony adopts those same workflows, and has been carefully and thoroughly integrated with the two leading NRCS systems - iNews and ENPS.
Interface to high-end video switcher
ELC interfaces with the MVS family of video switchers from Sony - the MVS-8000X, MVS-7000X, MVS-6530 and MVS-3000A. These are recognized globally for excellent operability, performance and reliability, and are fully scalable to suit all newsroom environments.
Automated control
ELC controls a wide range of both MOS and non-MOS devices. These include camera robotics, audio mixers and servers, DDRs, playout servers and character generators. Sony has an integration roadmap to ensure that ELC can be used in as many scenarios as possible. With audio mixers, for example, integration has already been completed with Wheatstone, Yamaha and Calrec products. This versatility lowers operational costs and protects current investment.
Future-proof integration
To future-proof device integration, ELC uses IP Ethernet protocols as well as conventional point-to-point cabling. This extends the potential scope of the interface in terms of functionality, as well as offering practical benefits that include less clutter on the newsroom floor.
Intuitive user interface
The NRCS playlist is mirrored on the ELC screen using the same numbering sequence. The system provides resource-management features such as camera shot conflict alarm, playout channel conflict alarm and switcher resource management. These warn operators of potential and impending event conflicts based on known limitations of the system components. The screen also shows the assets that will be accessed for subsequent cues - camera and audio settings, remote feed source, recorded content servers and video effects. Current and next cues are depicted by highlighted backgrounds, and initiated with a single button push. The outcome is that the operator can instantly see that all assets are in place for the next cue before going live.
Manual mode
ELC allows the operator to rapidly take manual control at any time, so they can accommodate a breaking news story for example. Additionally, the operator can use manual control to enhance the output quality by making fine adjustments to camera and audio settings.
Real-time synchronisation
ELC allows real-time rundown synchronisation and playlist updates. This feature enables last-minute modifications to be made in, for example, the running order.

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