4K/HD compact POV system camera
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4K/HD compact POV system camera

The HDC-P50 is a light, compact Point of View (POV) system camera. Integrating seamlessly with existing HD infrastructure, lenses and accessories, it gives ambitious programme makers exciting new possibilities for creating HD, 4K HDR and HD HFR productions.

This light and compact POV system camera features the world’s first 2/3-inch 4K global shutter three CMOS sensor system that delivers exceptional image with impressive sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

Thanks to ultra-high precision alignment technology, three 4K sensors on the newly-developed prism achieves ITU-R BT.2020 broadcast standard widened colour space. As a result, the HDC-P50 delivers exceptionally high-quality images in demanding 4K/HDR live production environments.

The camera can directly output remarkably crisp, clear 4K HDR* images directly from the camera head with no need for a separate processor unit. Moreover, HD HFR* up to 6x can be output from camera directly. Used standalone or part of a multi-camera shoot, the HDC-P50 can be crane-mounted or operated as a fixed camera position. It’s also ideal for a wide range of other shooting situations – such as in combination with a camera stabiliser, in handheld mode, during wireless shooting or while filming aerial footage from a helicopter.

*4K HDR capability requires 4K License HZC-UHD50.
*HD HFR capability requires High Frame Rate License HZC-HFR50.


Next generation imaging

The HDC-P50 features the world’s first 2/3-inch 4K CMOS sensor with global shutter technology that eliminates the ‘jello effect’ and banding noise. This next-generation imager captures pristine 4K images with exceptionally low noise, impressive sensitivity and high dynamic range, while achieving the ITU-R BT.2020 broadcast standard widened colour space. It’s teamed with a specially developed new Digital Signal Processor that fully realises the extraordinary imaging power of this new sensor.

Light, compact, quiet and energy efficient

The HDC-P50 packs impressive imaging performance into a light, compact camera body that’s ideal for use in space-limited situations such as crane jibs, helicopter camera mounts or operated as a fixed camera position. Low power consumption* is complemented by minimal operating noise levels.

* The HDC-P50 is powered by local power supply only.

Wide colour space and dynamic range

The advanced optical system of the HDC-P50 supports the ITU-R BT.2020 colour gamut, enabling exceptionally wide, precise colour reproduction in live broadcasts. From sports to concerts and special events, you’ll see the difference with vibrant, true-to-life images that make viewers feel as if they’re really there. HDR operation is available for 4K and HD simultaneous live operation through the S-Log3 process.

Dual servo controlled optical filters

Dual optical filter wheels for Neutral Density (ND) and Colour Correction (CC)* open up even wider creative possibilities in changing light conditions. Both filters can be controlled from a remote control panel or master setup unit.

Seamless integration into Sony HD workflows

The HDC-P50 joins Sony’s acclaimed HDC Series family of live production solutions. It benefits from direct compatibility with a wide range of accessories and remote control panels. The camera is also designed for integration with third-party control systems.

Smooth migration from HD to 4K

The HDC-P50 fits seamlessly into the growing Sony 4K live production environment. With an optional software upgrade, the camera enables 4K capture for multiple 4K and HD outputs.

Direct HFR ouput up to 6x

The HDC-P50 can output HD 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x HFR output directly. Since the HFR output can be HDR picture, dynamic motion contents can be captured from variety of shooting location such as goal area or helicopters. The signal can be transmitted via only 2 12G-SDI cable to the live production server PWS-4500.