CBKZ-3610A (CBKZ3610A)

VENICE upgrade for 4K 4:3 and 4K 6:5 anamorphic imaging, recording and playback

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This software upgrade license enables anamorphic shooting for VENICE Digital Motion Picture Camera. Activating this VENICE upgrade means users can capture 4K 4:3 and 4K 6:5* X-OCN footages with AXS-R7, record de-squeezed XAVC 4K and other formats on SxS Memory card, output de-squeezed 4K or HD images to Viewfinder and SDI outputs and playback.

Imaging 4K 4:3 and 4K 6:5* image size

Recording 4K 4:3 and 4K 6:5* X-OCN with AXS-R7

Recording de-squeezed XAVC 4K, HD ProRes and MPEG50 on SxS Memory card

Outputting de-squeezed images to Viewfinder, SDI and HD Moni outputs

Playback 4K 4:3 and 4K 6:5* X-OCN with AXS-R7

The VENICE Anamorphic License is available with three different activation periods and easy online activation.
• CBKZ-3610A is a permanent license.
• CBKZ-3610AM is 30 days license.
• CBKZ-3610AW is 7 days license.

*4K 6:5 option also requires VENICE firmware version 2.0.
Activation key for pre-installed software.