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Doctor using Sony 4K monitor with robotic surgical system

Sony helps MountainView visualise robotic surgery in vivid 3D 4K

Hospital staff monitoring an ICU ward remote via camera feed into a desk top monitor

Remote monitoring can be the answer to managing staff workload

Surgeons looking at feed from a robotic digital microscope on Sony’s 55 inch 4K display

Surgeons view immersive 4K images from a robotic digital microscope

Digital transformation in healthcare

Doctors reviewing surgical footage on a desktop

Remote monitoring supplements traditional care skills

Surgical staff standing around a bed in St Jansdal hospital in Netherlands

Streamlining operating room workflow efficiency

Doctors viewing a NUCLeUS mosaic view of multiple ORs on a large display

Empowering clinical teams with a more precise surgical imaging workflow

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery being viewed in Sony’s 55 inch 4K 3D monitor LMD-X550MT

Shared 3D view improves surgical team collaboration

Surgeon looking at a large heads up display during surgery

The ergonomic advantage of a 55” heads up display

Surgical staff viewing footage from Da Vinci system in Sony 4K 3D display

Achieving increased visualisation and enhanced depth perception

Innovation in Healthcare imaging

Ophthalmologist viewing recorded footage from Sony microscope camera

Ophthalmologists impressed by HDR microscope camera

Surgeons looking at feed from a robotic digital microscope on Sony’s 55 inch 4K display

Large screen 4K imaging assists surgical teams and trainees

Doctors performing endoscopic surgery on a patient

Monitor technology that reveals differences between tissue types