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What creates the ultimate picture? Amazing contrast. Saturated colour. Brilliant, sparkling whites and deep blacks. Our new canvas is a giant display that delivers it all – and so much more. It’s the ideal choice for life-size displays in architectural and automotive design. And it’s the ultimate display for boardrooms, theme parks, museums, broadcast studios, corporate lobbies, showrooms and medical education.

At the heart of it is our innovative Crystal LED technology, which combines ultrafine LEDs and unique surface mounting to deliver a visual experience beyond any conventional LED array.

For giant displays, it’s a whole new world.

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Beautiful blacks, brilliant whites

The richest contrast starts with the deepest black. That’s why our engineers designed the canvas with a surface area that’s more than 99% black. To make this happen, we developed ultrafine, but ultra-powerful LEDs, measuring about half the thickness of a human hair. So contrast is more than 1,000,000:1 – far beyond the reach of conventional LEDs.

With 10-bit colour depth, wide colour gamut (140% of sRGB) and a maximum rate of 120 frames per second, our Crystal LED display system offers astonishing pictures. And with brightness of up to 1000 cd/m2 (1000 nits), the system can dazzle audiences in both light and dark environments. Future releases will also support HDR, for an even more immersive viewing experience.

Overwhelming visuals on any scale

Go big. Or go bigger still with a revolutionary display that scales effortlessly to match the largest creative ambitions. Each energy-efficient ZRD-1 module features a ground-breaking borderless design, allowing multiple panels to be tiled seamlessly to create super-size displays with any dimensions or aspect ratio, and absolutely no bezels or visible gaps. The result? Immersive, hyper-real visuals as large as your imagination can handle.

A stunning image from any angle

On a personal display like a smartphone, viewing angle is not a major issue. But on a giant display, a wide viewing angle is important. Our Crystal LED display system offers a viewing angle of virtually 180 degrees so that anyone, no matter where they’re standing, can see the full picture.

And because our innovative mounting technology provides stunning contrast, it’s ideal for brightly lit environments like showrooms, corporate lobbies – even under the harsh lights of television studio sets. And when ambient light is low, the picture looks even more amazing.

Redefining reality

Our ultimate display solution brings the world’s biggest ideas to life. From industrial product design and manufacturing, theme parks, museums and busy lobbies to corporate boardrooms and broadcast studios. And because moving images are blur-free with near-instant response and a maximum refresh rate of 120 fps, it’s perfect for sports and simulation.

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