Crystal LED

A window to a new world

A large image showing a woman covered in brightly coloured paints

What is Crystal LED?

Experience the ultimate picture with spectacular brightness, vivid colours and extraordinary contrast with sparkling highlights and deep blacks. Advanced Crystal LED technology is the awe-inspiring choice for a wide range of super-size display applications – from boardrooms, theme parks, museums and retail showrooms to corporate lobbies, design studios and scientific research facilities.

Two people look at a large Crystal LED display showing an image of a cathedral


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A corporate foyer with a huge CLED display showing an image of a waterfall
Outstanding images on any scale

Our ZRD-2 Crystal LED display features an array of ultrafine LED elements, each one half the thickness of a human hair. Despite their minute size, each micro LED’s powerful light output contributes to bright, brilliantly immersive super-size images with spectacular contrast and wide colour gamut.

Impressive brightness

Very high brightness outshines other large-scale display solutions, for high-impact visuals in any ambient light conditions.

Blur-free images

Moving images are smooth and blur-free with near-instant response and a maximum refresh rate of 120 fps – ideal for sports and simulation.

Wide viewing angle

With a wide viewing angle, Crystal LED (ZRD-2) lets everyone see the full picture, wherever they’re standing.

An image of one of the Crystal LED micro-LEDs

Extraordinary contrast, HDR ready

The tiny size of each micro LED occupies a tiny fraction of the mounting area that’s black. The result: an extraordinary contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1 – far beyond the performance of conventional LED array systems. The high brightness and contrast performance of each ZRD-2 panel is the ideal showcase for today’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) content.

Endlessly scalable for video walls of any size or shape

Go big. Or go bigger still with a revolutionary display solution that scales to match the largest creative ambitions. Each energy-efficient display unit features a ground-breaking borderless design, that allows multiple panels to be tiled seamlessly to create super-size displays with any dimensions or aspect ratio, and absolutely no bezels or visible gaps. The result? Immersive, hyper-real visuals as large as your imagination can handle.

An image of a CLED display in an irregular shape, showing an image of a woman's face
A comparison of two landscape images, one showing a lot of horizontal banding and the other without

10-bit colour for smooth gradients without banding

Traditional 8-bit displays can show more than 16 million colours. Each ZRD-2 Crystal LED unit supports 10-bit processing, which means more than a billion possible colours.

10 bit support offers deeper, richer colour, smooth gradients and accurate greyscale rendition. The result? Hyper-realistic, true-to-life images with none of the unsightly banding associated with lower bit depths.

An image of a CLED display at a trade show with an image of a canyon on the screen

Build your video wall

Combine multiple display units together to create a super-size displays of your own dimensions and aspect ratio. Each display unit tiles seamlessly to create an outstanding, immersive display, with impressive brightness, smooth and blur-free images and wide viewing angle, with no visible seams, bezels or gaps.

Control your video wall with the Display Controller, with all system functions managed by Display Control Software for Windows PC.

An image of our ZRD-2 display unit

Video Wall tileable display unit

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An image of our ZRCT-200 controller

Video Wall Display Controller

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An image of our ZRCT-200 controller

Video Wall Display Controller

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Immersive viewing on a larger scale

Discover how Crystal LED transforms large-scale visual presentation and display applications, from automotive and industrial product design to visitor attractions.

A CLED display showing an image of a car

Discover how our Crystal LED display technology transforms automotive and industrial product and design and manufacturing.

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A CLED display at a trade show, showing an image of a room
Visitor Attractions

Discover how Crystal LED display technology creates more immersive experiences for every visitor.

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An office environment with a CLED display

Discover how Crystal LED can bring corporate environments to life.

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