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Set your creativity free. Capture unique moments, uncover details and deliver stunning videos to your clients, followers and fans. Explore what you can do and tell your story with feeling.

Filmmaking tools to support your creative vision

Unleash your creative instincts, no matter your project or budget. Our cameras and lenses give you the power to shoot a documentary, experimental short film or an entire feature. Produce captivating work with full-frame sensors, built-in filters, professional codecs and more.

Learn how new V3 features turn the FX9 into a creative powerhouse for any scenario, thanks to remote control capabilities and new anamorphic and B4 lens support.

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Cinematic look for any production

Enjoy creative flexibility and rich expression with the fullframe FX9. Explore cinematic bokehdepth of field and low light performance that lets you express your artistic vision. Deliver content that truly captivates your audience, with rich S-Cinetone colours and 4K DCI recordingCapture everything you need for creative post-production with 15+ stops of dynamic rangeAnd shoot anywhere with a smart grip for shoulder-mounted and handheld work.

Bring full-frame to your live production

Add a cinematic look to live event productions. The v3* firmware update unlocks remote control for your FX9, letting you place cameras in new, unmanned positions and run multi-camera productions. Let the FX9 unlock new possibilities for live streamedand recorded events, with an RCP connection that’s ideal for concerts and theatre performances.

*v3 Firmware available in November 2021. XDCA-FX9 required for FX9 RCP control.

PXW-FX9 with XDCA-FX9 and RCP control
Alister Chapman with FX9 and anamorphic lens

Anamorphic and super-zoom lenses

More choice with lenses means more creative freedom. With the v3 update, you can now use the anamorphic lenses chosen by cinematographers everywhere, with de-squeezing in viewfinder built into the FX9. Or, if you want to pair image quality with flexible shooting, you can attach B4 lenses: enjoy the large zooms that deliver the stunning images you know from natural history programmes.

Space Adventure & Super Hero LUTs

New LUT’s inspired by recent blockbuster movies. They’re tailored for use with FX3 and FX6 but will also produce great results with other Cinema Line cameras such as FX9 and VENICE.
Mysterious person in woodland showing effect of new superhero LUT

Cinema Line - A family of full-frame creativity

Savour the artistic benefits of full-frame sensorno matter the size of your production. Our Cinema Line cameras give you the creative choices of full-frame capture, in a range of sizes. And they work perfectly together. Count on consistent colours on multi-camera shoots and from one day of production to another: S-Cinetone matches colour across our Cinema Line cameras and our monitors.

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Stunning cinematic colour

Capture colours that belong on the big screen. S-Cinetone gives you film-like skin tones and rich mid-range huesShoot 4K internally in 4:2:2 10-bit or choose 16bit RAW external recording, so you have all the colour information you need for creative flexibility in post.

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Choose from our G Master lenses

Shoot pin-sharp detail and smooth bokeh. Designed for crisp resolution and beautiful background blurour G Master lenses are the perfect fit for our Cinema Line camerasPrecisely machined glass gives you stunning images, while sophisticated, fast focus makes them a pleasure to use.

Connectivity that transforms production workflows

Speed up your production by connecting your cameras to the cloud. With our new C3 Portal, you can transfer clips wirelessly from your camera, without any extra equipment. Production teams can look after transfer, ingest and back-up from wherever they are—while camera operators focus on shooting. Chunked file transfers even let you upload clips while you’re still rolling. Get footage back from location and into your NLE fast, for easy management of dailies and smooth editing.

Camera to Cloud Faster than Ever

Easily transfer your files through any internet connection and then control it through a mobile app. Find out more about our new C3 Portal and pre-book your free trial now.
Editors reviewing footage submitted via C3 Portal
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