Warranty and PrimeSupport

PrimeSupport goes beyond your standard warranty, with privileged access to our helpdesk for advice on your Sony Professional product. Our four PrimeSupport package options give you all the help you need to stay up and running.

PrimeSupport packages

Base package
Upgrade package
Custom package
On-demand package
Free for initial term of 2-3 years
Activate now
All the benefits of Pro pack plusCustomer's choice of benefits plusElite or Pro benefits as and when you need it
  • Access to support helpdesk
  • Set-up assistance
  • 14-day* repairs with no-cost shipping
  • Extended helpdesk hours
  • Access to product specialists
  • Fast-tracking repairs* with no-cost shipping
  • Dedicated helpdesk and extended hours
  • Guaranteed 60 minute* engineer call back
  • Guaranteed fast-track repair
  • On-site engineering support
  • Health-checks
  • Training
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*The package contents for each product may vary and the above table is for illustration purposes only.

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