RM-280 (RM280)Discontinued

Editing Controller
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The RM-280 is a compact editing controller intended for simple VTR romote control or basic two-machine editing


Two-machine editing
Assemble and insert mode
A variety of edit buttons such as "In and Out -point entry", "+ and - Trim", "Auto Edit", "Preview/Reveiw", "Go To", "All Stop"
TC/CTL/RTC (Relative Time Code) editing mode selectable
Pinch-on-delay time learning capability for accurate timing adjustments of recorder and player edit in-point
Edit delay time setting
Cue signal or tally output via a mini-pin port
Equipped with reference video input for synchronization with other equipment
VTR remote control function; Play, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Rec, Stop, Pause, Edit, Pre-roll
Multiple system frequencies including 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98 Hz
Picture search using the jog/shuttle dial for jog, shuttle and variable-speed playback modes
Can be powered using the supplied AC adaptor or directly from a connected HDW-S280 HDCAM recorder from its DC output
Easy-to-use keyboard layout provides straightforward operations
Displays error messages on the VFD display, indicating the type of errors and device name on which the malfunction occurred for instant 'action to be taken'.

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