SZC-2001 / SZC-2001M / SZC-2001W

HD Cut-Out Upgrade for BPU Series products
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The SZC-2001, SZC-2001M and SZC-2001W are the software licenses of HD CUTOUT Software with the BPU-4000 or BPU-4500 series (including BPU-4500A) Baseband Processor Units. Installing SZC-2001, SZC-2001M and SZC-2001W on the BPU-4000 or BPU-4500 series (including BPU-4500A) allows you to cut an HD signal out of a 4K image. The licenses give you a high level of flexibility to purchase the equipment you want, when you want it, with the confidence your baseband processor unit is future-proofed for changing demands

The SZC-2001 can be permanently used.
The SZC-2001M can be used for 30 days.
The SZC-2001W can be used for 7 days.

HD CUTOUT Software

Two modes are available. You can select either Zoom & Perspective or Simple HD mode. Keeping the camera in a fixed position, any portion of the captured image can be cropped to provide a close-up HD image to viewers as if the camera had been panned.


Cuts out a 1920 x 1080 HD image from the 4K image for output as-is. Dual outputs are supported.


Cuts out a region of the 4K image which is then zoomed in/out to create an HD signal output. Perspective transformation is performed, according to the lens focal length, so that the output image is the same as if the camera was pointing toward the cut-out direction. Only one output is available.

Activation key for pre-installed software.

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