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Enrich video conferences, huddle discussions and brainstorming sessions with our AV solutions for remote, hybrid and collaborative working that spark fresh ideas and enhance knowledge sharing.

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Comprehensive workspace solutions

Boost collaboration with our comprehensive AV solutions. Our professional displays, projectors, remotely controlled cameras, microphones and speaker systems support everyone’s personal workstyle, enabling clear communication and engagement, whether in-person or remote. And with centralised management and control of connected devices, you’ll benefit from optimised use of workspace resources, exceptional reliability and reduced operating costs.

Uniting teams in every size of workspace

Sony AV solutions scale effortlessly for collaborative working. From impromptu huddles to remote conferences, our wide range of BRAVIA 4K Professional Display sizes (from 32 inches up to 98 inches) help teams deliver their best. Compact VPL-PHZ61/PHZ51 laser projectors are ideal for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, where you don’t want to compromise on picture quality, while powerful VPL-FHZ85/FHZ80 laser projectors deliver brilliant presentations in medium to large meeting rooms.

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AV solutions that work together

Displays and projectors are important, but they are just part of the AV solution puzzle. Our SLS-1A line array speaker can ‘steer’ sound to ensure consistent audio quality for all participants, regardless of room shape or dimensions. Our MAS-A100 ceiling microphone with advanced speech reinforcement technology ensures crisp audio in larger team meetings. SRG-A40/A12 PTZ cameras use AI to track the presenter’s movements as they speak, bringing professional polish to company-wide meetings and announcements without the need for a camera operator.

Easy set-up, flexible installation

Great for video conferences and team get-togethers, our professional displays and projectors are designed for smooth integration with other networked devices and AV room set-ups. BRAVIA offers productivity-focused features like wireless screen mirroring and auto HDMI input detection when a laptop’s connected. BRAVIA can be quickly customised to suit the needs of any workspace, while Intelligent Settings take the guesswork out of configuring our laser projectors for best performance. It’s easy to access a huge range of efficiency-focused apps for conferencing, screen mirroring, signage and more.

4 people in meeting room using large presentation display and smaller display screen demonstrating how these all work together
Open plan meeting space with large display screen wall

Reliability and energy efficiency built in

Our BRAVIA displays can be centrally controlled over IP and include energy-saving features to cut power consumption when meeting rooms aren’t being used. They’re also engineered for dependable 24/7 operation, reducing unplanned downtime and maintenance costs. Our compact but powerful laser projectors feature a long-lasting light source that maintains brilliant picture quality for up to 20,000 hours (depending on usage environment) with no need for routine maintenance or lamp replacement.

Exceptional picture quality

The power-packed X1 image processor in our BRAVIA Professional Displays ensure big, bold, colourful images that bring an extra dimension of immersive reality to video conferences and brainstorming sessions. BRAVIA BZ40L series features Sony’s Deep Black Non-Glare Coating that minimises on-screen glare and reflection for vivid, high-contrast images that are easily seen by everyone, even in brightly lit meeting rooms. Great for smaller to medium sized rooms, our easy-to-manage VPL-PHZ61/PHZ51 laser projectors inspire everybody with pin-sharp, super-sized visuals.

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meeting table and chairs with large AV screen displaying imagery and information

Discover TEOS workspace management solutions

Make collaborative sessions more efficient with TEOS Meeting Display and Room control. Screens displaying agendas, countdown notifications and more give every employee a clear picture of meeting objectives. Wireless screen mirroring and integrated management of AV devices saves set-up time and keeps teams focused on the topic at hand.

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Sustainability in every scene

BRAVIA Professional Displays are designed with intelligence to be kinder on the environment. With BRAVIA, you will be able to enjoy the most immersive display experiences with stunning designs, right alongside innovations to lower environmental impact by helping reduce energy consumption and use of non-renewable resources. To reduce environmental impact, we are working on multiple aspects across the product life cycle, such as reduction of virgin plastic, improvement of transportation efficiency, and review of power consumption during use.

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Sony BRAVIA displays a landscape
Explore collaborative working solutions for corporate environments
BRAVIA BZ40L product image

Exceptionally bright (up 700 nits) 4K HDR Professional Displays with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating for excellent visibility in brightly lit rooms.

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BRAVIA BZ35L product image

Enhanced 4K HDR Professional Displays with 32GB storage, premium features and high brightness up to 550 nits.

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BRAVIA BZ30L product image

4K HDR Professional Displays with 24/7 operation, Portrait/Tilt, X1 processor, Pro mode, Airplay, and Chromecast capability, in wide range of sizes.

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TEOS product image

Master meetings with unified control of connected AV equipment. Offer meeting participants useful information to support more efficient collaboration.

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BRAVIA BZ50L product image

Experience ultimate picture quality with Sony’s flagship BRAVIA 4K HDR Professional Display; offers supreme 98-inch images with XR processing and spectacular 780 nit brightness.

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VPL PHZ61 product image

Slim, smart, ultra-compact laser projectors ideal for smaller meeting rooms, with advanced Sony technologies for bold, richly coloured images and text.

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MAS-A100 product image

Ceiling mounted microphone with advanced beamforming and speech reinforcement technologies for crisp hands-free audio in collaborative meetings and presentations.

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Line Array Speaker system speaker uses fine beam control technology for powerful, finely-tuned sound that’s heard clearly in large boardrooms and meeting areas.

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VPL FHZ85 product image

Powerful 3LCD laser projectors for installation in larger meeting rooms with the latest Sony innovations for consistently bright, lifelike images.

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SRG A40 product image

PTZ Auto Framing camera powered by built-in AI analytics that smoothly and accurately tracks the presenter with no need for a camera operator.

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SRG X400 product image

Remotely operated PTZ cameras with easy video streaming, powerful optical zoom and excellent 4K image quality, even in dimly lit meeting rooms.

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