Webinar on Sony's LMD-XH550MD

Check our informative webinar, hosted by Holger Mischke (Product Specialist, Sony Healthcare Solutions) on the Sony’s LMD-XH550MD medical display. Experience exceptional image quality, clarity, and brightness to make accurate decisions in real time.

Discover how this state-of-the-art display revolutionises healthcare applications, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Stay at the forefront of imaging technology and improve patient care with the Sony LMD-XH550MD.

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The comparison of full HD image quality and 4k

Superb Picture Quality

Experience the exceptional visual clarity of the Sony LMD-XH550MD medical monitor. With its high brightness, high contrast, and wide colour gamut, this 55-inch monitor delivers stunning 4K UHD colour video images in 2D. Offering four times the resolution of Full HD, it ensures precise details for surgical procedures, endoscopic examinations, and hospital imaging. Whether used in operating theatres, surgical centres, or educational settings, the LMD-XH550MD provides superb picture quality that surpasses expectations.

Local Dimming Technology for Enhanced Imaging

Experience enhanced image quality with the Sony LMD-XH550MD medical monitor, featuring advanced Local Dimming technology. By finely tuning the LED backlight sources separately for light and dark areas, this innovative technology eliminates crushing blacks in dark zones and avoids clipped whites in highlight zones. The result is superior expression and improved visual clarity, making it perfectly suited for surgical microscopy, endoscopy, hospital imaging, and more. With the LMD-XH550MD’s Local Dimming technology, every detail comes to life, ensuring accurate and precise observations for healthcare professionals.

The example of local dimming technology shown on the LMD-XH550MD screen
The example of AIME technology shown on the LMD-XH550MD screen

Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer (A.I.M.E.™) for Exceptional Viewing

Take your viewing experience to the next level with the Sony LMD-XH550MD’s Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer (A.I.M.E.) technology. Designed to enhance displayed images, A.I.M.E. adjusts the colour, contrast, and visibility of shadow areas for optimal viewing comfort. This unique technology ensures that healthcare professionals can observe even the tiniest details with clarity and precision. Whether used for surgical microscopy, endoscopy, hospital imaging, or any other medical application, the LMD-XH550MD with A.I.M.E. delivers exceptional image quality and enhances operational outcomes.