Content Manager

Content management software for Optical Disc Archive System Content Manager


Taking care of your precious content
This content management software application simplifies the storage, retrieval and management of audio-visual content with Sony's Optical Disc Archive (ODA) system.
A world of solutions
You’ll find Optical Disc Archive solutions from Sony at work in a wide range of environments where speedy, reliable access to your precious data is crucial – along with effortless scalability and attractive ownership costs. Optical Disc Archive provides archiving solutions across seven key industries, from digital Media Asset Management to healthcare, banking, education and more.

See our ODA solutions page or contact us now to see how ODA solutions can boost the profitability of everyone’s business.


Safeguard your precious content
Archive all your audio-visual materials to shelf-managed Optical Disc Cartridges.
Easy content management
Perform quick, easy browsing, searching and retrieval of archived contents.
Offline cartridge management
Manage a range of offline features, including printing cartridge labels.
Automatic proxy and thumbnail creation
Generates proxy videos and thumbnails for browsing and searching of shelf-managed ODA cartridges.
Advanced search
Perform powerful searches using speech-to-text script and/or face-recognition data.
Checksum Archive
Supports Checksum Archive function.
Direct viewing
Allows direct viewing of audio-visual material on Optical Disc Cartridge (requires installation of Catalyst Browse *1)
*Please update Optical Disc Archive Software to V3.1 or later when using Content Manager V2.3 or later
*1: Please download Catalyst Browse from


Intel Core i5 3Ghz or higher
4 GB or more
HDD available capacity
500 MB or more HDD free space is required for installation.
About 300GB of HDD free space is required to archive 1,000 hours of datra (the required free space depends on the number and format of files to manage).
When extracting metadata from files on a cartridge, a hard disk drive with free space greater than the total size of the files from which metadata is being extracted is required. Therefore, the maxmum free space required is equivalent to the capacity of the cartridge.
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or later, 64-bit version
Microsoft Windows 8 Pro or later, 64-bit version
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro or later, 64-bit version
Mac OS
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
OS X 10.9 Mavericks
OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Web browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
Mac OS
Safari or Google Chrome
Display Resolution
1280 x 960 pixels or more
Optical Disc Archive Software
Download and use the latest version of Optical Dics Archive Software. Also, update the drive firmware to the latest version.

Optical Disc Archive Filer cannot be started when using Content Manager. To use Optical Disc Archive Filer, first terminate the Content Manager service and then start Optical Disc Archive Filer, (Optical Disc Archive Filer is included with Optical Disc Archive Software).
Apache Tomcat 7.0
Java 7
MySQL 5.6
WebM Media Foundation Components (for Microsoft Internet Explorer)

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