HDFA-200 (HDFA200)Discontinued

Dual-channel HD fibre-optic transmission adaptor


The HDFA-200 combines 1.5 Gigabit signals from two HDC-P1 or HDC-1500R cameras into a single 3G-capable fibre-optic transmission feed, reducing complexity in 3D live production. The device also incorporates a viewfinder output with multiple analytical and diagnostic modes - including several specifically for 3D use.

In 3D and conventional operation, the HDFA-200 minimises the cabling required for multiple cameras in live productions. It also integrates control and intercom data into the video feed, eliminating the need for any additional cables.


3G Fibre Optic Transmission
The HDFA-200 combines two 1.5 Gigabit signals into a single 3G (approximately 3 Gigabit) fibre optic feed, when connected to a single CCU capable of 3G operation.
Single feed from a Stereo Pair of HD cameras
The HDFA-200 allows users to treat the two cameras in a 3D rig as if they were a single device, by combining the feed from each camera and sending it down a single transmission cable.
Viewfinder output with multiple diagnostic/monitoring modes
The HDFA-200 has a Viewfinder output, which has several ways to display the output from the two connected cameras including, Split, Mix and Difference modes, as well as a variety of other options designed to ease the process of rigging 3D camera pairs.
Integrated control, data and power
The HDFA-200 simplifies setup and reduces the need for ancillary cables by embedding control, intercom data, Genlock and power in a single cable. Two cameras in a stereo pair can be controlled simultaneously or separately for individual adjustments.
Support for F35 3G output
When used with the F35, the HDFA-200 provides full 1080/50P (4:2:2) or 1080/24P (4:4:4) over a single optical link. This is an extremely convenient, robust way to provide connectivity to the F35, which allows the camera to be used to its fullest potential as a high-end Super 35 Digital Cinematography device.
Image inverter for use with 3D rigs
The HDFA-200 has a built-in image inverter for compensating for camera orientation in 3D rigs.

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