Advertising for retail

Super-sized displays to capture shoppers’ imagination with eye-catching promotional videos, featured products and news of special events.

Sony solutions offer

Clear, bright images

High brightness pro displays deliver richly-coloured images that encourage customer interaction, even in brightly lit store interiors.

Simple, flexible installation

Slim, space-saving pro displays, projectors and modular video walls are quick and easy to install in any size or shape of retail space.

Smooth integration

Seamless integration with third party software for simplified creation of complete in-store advertising solutions.

Support and maintenance

Engineered for reliable operation in demanding retail environments, minimising system downtime and routine maintenance needs.

Advertising solutions for today’s retail environments

Our retail display solutions are ideal for capturing shoppers’ attention with colourful, high-impact advertising and promotional messages, even in brightly-lit department stores and shopping centres. Our 4K HDR professional displays, modular Crystal LED video walls and high-brightness projectors all offer flexible integration possibilities plus dependable operation to suit the needs of individual shops, department stores and large shopping centres.

Sensational image quality

High brightness and image clarity ensure big, bold images that stand out in retail environments, giving shoppers a clear, eye-catching view of advertising and promotional messages, even in brightly-lit department stores and shopping centres. BRAVIA pro displays and Crystal LED scalable video walls feature powerful processing technologies by Sony to ensure flawless HDR pictures with very high contrast, rich colour and smooth movement that look great at any viewing distance – far away or right up close to the screen.

Waiter checks notepad with professional display on the background with a menu board and Professional display overlaid with sales message.

Impress shoppers on any scale

There’s a comprehensive choice of BRAVIA pro displays, with screen sizes from 32” up to 100” to complement the advertising needs of department stores and shopping centres. The extra wide viewing angle of our BRAVIA pro displays ensures that advertising content and promotional messages are seen clearly by customers, wherever they’re standing in a retail store or shopping centre. Create even bigger, brighter immersive visual experiences with modular Crystal LED video walls that suit any display size or proportions with no visible seams or gaps. The lightweight modular panels can be installed on walls, ceilings or curved surfaces to create phenomenal visuals with thrillingly lifelike detail, colour and contrast. Or fill the largest retail space with reliable, high-brightness laser projectors that offer flexible installation options.

LED wall in a shopping centre with a high brightness and high contrast image of a model in a red coat.

Create, update, and manage content with ease

BRAVIA’s inbuilt HTML5 content platform makes it easy to present advertising and promotional information to shoppers that blends images, videos, text and web content. BRAVIA integrates smoothly with a wide range of third-party software solutions, allowing media-rich advertising content to be authored, scheduled, and delivered to connected screens.

HTML5 logo

Reliable and energy efficient

BRAVIA pro displays can help retailers support business sustainability goals with smart features like programmable screen on/off times that cut energy consumption outside store hours. Lifetime operating costs are reduced further with reliable 24/7 operation for reduced maintenance requirements. Our Crystal LED video walls feature an energy-efficient fan-less design that eliminates the need for costly air conditioning. The long-lasting laser light source of our projectors lets shoppers enjoy uncompromised high-brightness images for up to 20,000 hours*.

*Depending on usage environment.

Woman at the cashier's desk paying and display with offer on the wall.

Explore display solutions for in-store advertising applications


The biggest, brightest, most advanced BRAVIA in 100” screen size for promotional messages shoppers can’t miss.

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Sony's BRAVIA BZ40J with bright high-contrast image of a watch.


Exceptional brightness and image clarity with a wide viewing angle; in screen sizes up to 85”.

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Sony’s BRAVIA BZ40H with high brightness image of a model with bags and the message “sale”.


Bright, high impact images and round-the-clock reliability in 43” and 50” screen sizes.

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Sony’s BRAVIA BZ35J with a bright high-impact image of perfume.


Bright, high impact images and round-the-clock reliability in screen sizes up to 75”.

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Sony’s BRAVIA BZ30J with bright high impact image of models with sunglasses with 50% off message.

Crystal LED BH and CH-series

Scalable video walls that deliver immersive visuals with unprecedented brightness, colour, clarity and contrast plus flexible installation options.

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Sony’s Crystal LED video wall with high contrast image of sports clothes promotion.


True 4K SXRD™ laser projector with extreme 10,000lm brightnes and vibrant colour for spectacular super-size images. 

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Sony’s VPL-GTZ380 with projection expo 2021 Best of show logo and Projectors Central editor’s choice logo.


The industry‘s smallest, lightest 8,000lm WUXGA laser projector delivers crisp, super-bright images with bold, rich colour, even in brightly lit stores.

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Sony’s VPL-FHZ85


The compact Line Array Speaker system speaker combines fine beam control, high quality sound, and flexible installation to deliver clear, powerful, finely controllable sound that makes advertising unmissable. 

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Sony's SLS-1A Line Array Speaker.

Sustainability in every scene

BRAVIA professional displays are designed with intelligence to be kinder on the environment.

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