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Cloud-based newsroom solutions and newsgathering tools to help you deliver the news from anywhere in the world to consumers everywhere.

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Run a smarter newsroom, on site and remotely with cloud solutions weaved into workflows. Work efficiently and stay connected with newsgathering tools that you can count on to help you edit, share and stream footage- from the field to the cloud, using camera to cloud technology to get the news to the viewers as fast as possible.

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Your news teams chase leads, find sources, research, check, interview, present, capture, edit and broadcast. Our tools help you get news from anywhere in the world to consumers on every platform, faster. Capture the story with tools you can count on.

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Run a smart news production – in the newsroom and the cloud, on site and remotely. Weave cloud solutions into workflows from capture to edit to distribution. Access and package content faster. Co-ordinate from anywhere. News stories reach audiences sooner, through broadcast, streaming or social media.

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News Studio

For live news broadcasting, you need more than pretty pictures. You need the cameras, switchers and monitors behind the story. Discover why Sony is the choice of everyone from world-famous news networks to hyper-local news broadcasters. High speed file transfers and streaming, direct from your camera.

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C3 Portal

Send video from any location and access it wherever you are. Connect to the cloud without wires, backpacks or vehicles and get content into your production workflow—fast. C3 Portal is the gateway that connects Sony cameras to cloud networks. Close the gap in modern workflows.

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