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Solutions for corporate organisations and enterprises

Create a best-in-class corporate environment that embraces the latest technology and business trends with our sustainable AV solutions for more flexible and inclusive ways of working.

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Workplace efficiency

Stay in control of large numbers of AV devices and room resources, helping staff stay organised, in touch and able to deliver their best.

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Increased productivity

Connect employees more efficiently – face-to-face or remotely – to drive improved collaboration and productivity.

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Brand elevation

Create high-impact AV experiences for visitors and staff that inspire confidence in your organisation as a favoured destination for top talent.

Increase efficiency with simple set-up and flexible integration

Our AV tech is designed to meet and exceed the needs of today’s large corporate organisations. There’s a focus on simple set-up and integration: BRAVIA Professional Displays can be centrally controlled over IP and support diverse CMS and RMS platforms, while Pro Settings allow quick customisation of every screen in the building. BRAVIA also gives instant access to productivity-focused apps – from video conferencing and content sharing to digital signage – that blend seamlessly with corporate AV systems and IT platforms.

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Screen showing setup and settings information
LED wall with bright high definition image of tree

Made to impress in every size of corporate space

Available in screen sizes up to a spectacular 98 inches and with a wide viewing angle, BRAVIA Professional Displays are ideal for corporate environments with large numbers of displays and connected AV devices to manage. Go even larger with bold, high-impact images from our laser projectors. For the ultimate wow factor with extraordinarily immersive image clarity, colour and contrast, our Crystal LED modular video walls scale to suit any size or shape of lobby or presentation area.

Enhance staff communication and collaboration

Our AV solutions cater to large organisations’ boardrooms, connected campuses and remote meeting sites. With easy integration into existing room set-ups, BRAVIA Professional Displays are ideal for collaborative working with features like auto HDMI input detection and wireless screen mirroring for stress-free meetings. SRG-A40/ SRG-A12 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras capture and stream polished, professional video for remote webinars and presentations – no operator needed. Combine with our powered line-array speaker for rich sound, and our beamforming microphone that’s ideal for hands-free presentations.

Man in corporate meeting. Product image of 3 ptz cameras in foreground
Large entrance lobby open space with 2 large LED screen walls of colourful images

Wow visitors with immersive audio-visual experiences

Organisations can’t afford to project anything less than confident, professional images that reinforce their corporate values for guests and employees alike. Our BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays and Crystal LED video walls create an unforgettable first impression in entrance lobbies and reception areas with true-to-life images powered by our 4K HDR processor X1 that ensures immersive visual experiences with spectacular colour and smooth movement.

Cost effective, sustainable solutions

Our BRAVIA Professional Displays are designed for sustainability in every scene, with energy-saving features built in – including our Eco Dashboard to monitor power consumption – and advanced manufacturing techniques that reduce consumption of raw materials. Intelligent Settings on our laser projectors optimises picture and power consumption, while letting staff and guests enjoy uncompromised high-brightness images for up to 20,000 hours*. Our Crystal LED video walls feature low power consumption and an energy-efficient fan-less design that eliminates the need for costly air conditioning.

*Depending on usage environment.

Conference room with large BRAVIA screen  displaying business information
Meeting room with participants round table and a meeting agenda on large display screen

Discover TEOS - intelligent workspace solutions

Corporate organisations can benefit from streamlined orchestration of AV devices and meeting resources with TEOS, our scalable workplace management platform that can be hosted on premises or in the cloud, with the ability to manage multiple sites. With a wide range of solutions and devices, from software to hardware, TEOS enables you to orchestrate your office, make visiting easy, streamline room and desk booking, enhance meeting efficiency and much more.

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Explore AV solutions for corporate organisations and enterprises

From welcoming and guiding visitors to more efficient meetings and remote collaboration, our BRAVIA Professional Displays, Crystal LED video walls, laser projectors, beamforming microphone and line array speaker offer comprehensive audiovisual solutions for corporate organisations and enterprises.

Visitor experience

Create that ‘Wow’ effect in entrance lobbies, boardrooms and conference spaces with our largest BRAVIA BZ50L, offering a uniquely impressive 98” screen size. Extra-bright BH-series and high-contrast CH-series Crystal LED video walls deliver immersive visual experiences in large reception areas or atriums. Take advantage of curved or irregularly shaped surfaces with our VPL-FHZ131L/VPL-FHZ101L/VPL-FHZ91L laser projectors.

Crystal LED wall with realistic forest scene in large building welcome/ seating area
Building reception with display screen behind desk showing time and date information

Informing visitors and employees

Keep staff and guests informed with events and company announcements with BRAVIA BZ30L and BZ35L Professional Displays. Extra-bright BRAVIA BZ40L with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology ensures your corporate message is always clear, even in brightly lit lobbies, meeting rooms and open areas. Team brilliant visuals with crisp, powerful sound that’s easily heard in busy working environments, provided by our SLS-1A line array speaker system.


Bright, colourful BRAVIA BZ30L and high-brightness BZ35L professional displays feature a built-in HTML5 platform that makes it easy to present wayfinding information to visitors, blending images, videos, text and web content. BRAVIA BZ40L adds Sony’s Deep Black Non-Glare Coating that minimises reflections and boosts contrast for vivid images that are easily seen from any viewing angle, even in brightly lit areas. Use TEOS Wayfinding to guide clients and guests to their destination with colourful interactive maps.

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image of tablet on meeting room external wall with teos room booking tool

Room and desk booking

Simplify the working day for busy staff, and optimise use of room resources with TEOS, our easy to use suite of room and desk booking solutions. Book for TEOS puts employees firmly in control of scheduling meetings in advance, or grabbing a free room for impromptu get-togethers. Everything’s managed centrally, cutting meeting chaos and helping organisations make optimal use of their meeting room and desk resources.

Collaborative working

Ideal for remote, hybrid and collaborative working, versatile BRAVIA BZ30L, BZ35L, BZ40L and BZ50L cover a wide range of screen size requirements, from 32” to 98”, to suit all room types and sizes. Compact, VPL-PHZ61/VPL-PHZ51 laser projectors bring an extra dimension of clarity to presentations in smaller meeting rooms, while VPL-FHZ85/VPL-FHZ80 are ideal for larger spaces. Enable clear communication, in-person or remotely, with our SRG-A40/SRG-A12 PTZ auto tracking cameras, MAS-A100 ceiling microphone for hands-free presentations, and SLS-1A Line Array speaker for larger meeting rooms.

Glass office boardroom with 6 people meeting
Laptop on desk with office management information on screen

Office management

Create a more effective corporate environment for every employee with Manage for TEOS, the workplace management platform from Sony. Gain complete control over devices, workspaces, signage and content throughout your workplace ecosystem, from meeting rooms to reception areas.

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