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For live news broadcasting, you need more than pretty pictures. You need the reliability, practicality and seamless live operations of Sony’s C3 Portal. Discover why Sony is the choice of everyone from world-famous news networks to hyper-local news broadcasters.

To advance your infrastructure, move to the cloud

Today’s news organizations are under constant pressure to accelerate workflow and reduce costs – all while maintaining or upgrading picture quality. That’s why we created C3 Portal. They transform news operations by combining the best of our audio/video expertise with cloud technology, Software as a Service and Platform as a Service.

  • Need to integrate your production switcher with your newsroom computer system? Sony’s ELC automation
  • Are you operating separate silos to produce content for on-air, online and social media? Unify with Media Backbone Hive
  • Did you ever wish your field camcorders could speak directly to your studio? They can with our C3 Portal service
  • Is searching for clips too difficult and too slow? NavigatorX

Your on-air look starts here

Your revenue depends on your on-air look. And that look depends on your studio cameras. No wonder so many news studios choose Sony. Our complete line serves every type of budget and every type of infrastructure from fiber to triax, from SDI to IP Live. Our cameras look forward with 4K, HDR and HFR capabilities. And all our cameras have the reliability that’s deep in our DNA.

Going where conventional cameras don’t

Do you need cameras for a rooftop? A remote studio? Or the plaza outside your broadcast center? Sony can help. Our point-of-view models work with the same camera control units and remote control panels as our studio cameras. And our pan-tilt-zoom models are legendary for smooth operation and great images under less-than-great lighting conditions.

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PTZ Cameras

Switch to Sony

Our production switchers deliver all the switching, keying and effects you expect with configuration flexibility that’s far beyond the ordinary. You can tailor the modular control surface to your exact needs. You can accommodate both SDI and IP Live. You can migrate from your HD present into your 4K Ultra HD future. And our ELC automation integrates seamlessly with the top newsroom computer systems.

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A simple matter of trust

What can you trust to give you an honest rendition of your broadcast picture? How can you evaluate focus, exposure, color and your anchorwoman’s flesh tones? Broadcasters the world over depend on the image accuracy and stability of our TRIMASTER EL® and TRIMASTER HX® reference monitors. Our other BVM, PVM and LMD series monitors achieve optimum performance and total confidence at every level of production.

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Female journalist reporting on a Bravia screen

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