Crystal LED: C-series and B-series

Discover our large-scale Micro LED displays and video walls and create extraordinary visual experiences of any size and scale.

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A corporate lobby with two giant Crystal LED screens displaying content
A cinematographer capturing an image of a motorcycle in front of a Tokyo streetscene recreated with Crystal LED

LED Walls for Video Production

Create stunningly realistic virtual sets that replace physical filming locations with Sony’s LED Walls.

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LED Video Walls for Manufacturing and Automotive

Sony’s innovative Crystal LED Display System is the compelling choice for large-scale CGI visualisation applications.

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An image of a large Crystal LED display showing an image of a car
An image of a woman surrounded by flowers alongside a Crystal LED screen

LED Video Walls for Visitor Attractions

Super-size Crystal LED display captivate visitor attraction guests with very high brightness, awe-inspiring contrast and unforgettable colour.

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Architects, Consultants and Engineers (ACE) Portal

Discover Sony’s Architects, Consultants and Engineers (ACE) Portal as consultant’s first stop when visiting our vast portfolio of Large Display as well as Imaging and Analytics products and solutions.

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Corporate building lobby with large display showing vivid colour image of a waterfall