Portable UHD/1080p license for HDC-5500/HDC-P50
Image of the following product: HZC-UHD50P


The HZC-HFR50P is a portable license that enables shooting and transmission of UHD and 1080 progressive video signals with Sony HDC-5500 and HDC-P50 cameras.

License activation can be transferred from one camera to another via the Sony ULMS web site. This reduces upfront costs and optimises UHD production capabilities, even for facilities with a limited number of UHD cameras.


Flexible license transfer between locations
The HZC-UHD50P license can be easily transferred between cameras, even if they’re operating at different locations. This gives greater flexibility in UHD/1080p capability as needed for multiple cameras according to the needs of each production.

* Transfer via Sony Upgrade and License Management Suite
Annual license activation
The license can be transferred freely among multiple cameras during the annual activation period. Broadcasters and live events producers can thus manage the total number of licenses annually according to budgetary constraints.