What Nevion and Sony can offer you?

A key enabler of Sony’s vision of production anywhere and on any scale is the network connectivity, i.e. the reliable and optimized transport and orchestration of signals between resources on the ground and in the Cloud.

This connectivity, across LAN, WAN and 5G networks, is what allows resources (places, processing and people) to be shared across locations, enabling for example remote and distributed production.

Nevion, as Sony Group company, provides the fundamental products, expertise and experience needed to deliver the workflow-transforming solutions that enables production to become better, more flexible, more cost effective, and kinder to the environment.

Find out how Nevion can solve your production challenges.

Who is Nevion?

Headquartered in Oslo (Norway), Nevion is an award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions to broadcasters, telecommunication service providers, government agencies and other industries. Nevion’s solutions enable the management, transport and processing of professional-quality video, audio and data – in real time, reliably and securely. From content production to distribution, Nevion solutions are used to power major sporting and live events across the globe. Some of the world’s largest media groups and telecom service providers use Nevion technology, including AT&T, NBC Universal, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., NASA, Arqiva, BBC, CCTV, EBU, BT, TDF and Telefonica.

Aim of Nevion and Sony's partnership and collaboration history

Sony entered into a strategic partnership with Nevion in 2019, driven by a shared passion for excellence, very complementary product portfolios and the ability to offer comprehensive solutions.  A year later, in 2020, Sony acquired Nevion as the collaboration had shown that Nevion could further enhance Sony’s portfolio, providing end-to-end IP and cloud-based production solutions for broadcasting and other applications.

Nevion remains an independent entity within Sony, but both companies work very closely on the development of products and solutions, and on bringing them to the market.

A diagram demonstrating the IP WAN ecosystem

Nevion Services and Products

Nevion’s has been offering IP based solutions for the facilities, contribution, and remote production for over a decade. Those solutions are typically built on the company’s flagship products, Virtuoso and VideoIPath, combined by an extensive range of services covering consultancy, solution design, project management, requirements management, implementation, configuration & commissioning, support services and training.

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Nevion’s VideoIPath is a media orchestration platform that provides network orchestration (including SDN control). VideoIPath is widely deployed across the world in a variety of applications both large and small set-ups.

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Nevion Virtuoso, the standards-based, virtualization-ready, software-defined media node that can perform a variety of real-time functions in the converged IP LAN/WAN network.

With its functionality easily modified in the field through software – enabling you to achieve a faster time-to-production and greater cost-effectiveness.

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Nevion Virtuoso product