DWR-R02D (DWRR02D)Discontinued

Digital wireless receiver


Rack-mountable receiver with wide bandwidth
The DWR-R02D is a two-channel rack-mountable (1U-size) receiver that, as part of the DWX Series digital wireless microphone system, works seamlessly with Sony digital wireless transmitters, such as the DWT-B01/E, and digital wireless microphones, such as the DWM-02. The receiver operates with a wide bandwidth up to 72Mhz, giving users a higher probability to find unoccupied frequencies in congested metropolitan areas.

Ideal for a wide range of applications

Ideal for a range of applications including live concert, theatre, opera, broadcast studio, news gathering, field production, and sound recording, the DWR-R02D offers a truly digital wireless microphone platform. It combines advanced digital technologies, analogue microphone expertise, wireless audio transmission technologies, and an enviable reputation for stability.


Compatible with all DWX Series transmitters and microphones
Part of the DWX Series digital wireless microphone system, the DWR-R02D works seamlessly with Sony’s digital wireless transmitters, such as the DWT-B01/E, and digital wireless microphones, such as the DWM-02.
Transmits high quality digital audio
The digital wireless microphone system transmits and receives high-quality 24 bit/48 kHz digital audio in a specific frequency bandwidth. Using Sony’s original WiDIF-HP codec, the system delivers a wide dynamic range of more than 106 dB, a wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 22 kHz, and an excellent transient response.
Secure and stable wireless transmission
The DWX Series enables highly stable wireless transmission that is extremely tolerant to unwanted interference. In addition, the system transmits and receives digitally modulated and encrypted data to minimise the risk of interception, providing highly secure transmission and reception.
Supports a variety of output functions
The DWR-R02D supports electric guitar and bass amplifier connections by TS Phone output with ATT control function. It includes XLR and BNC output for AES digital output, and GND lift function for analogue BAL output.
Flexible power options
The 100V to 240V AC and 12V DC power enables users to operate in a global power environment.
Remote control of transmitter functions from the receiver
Input attenuation, RF frequency selection, RF power output, Audio Low-pass cutoff frequency and transmitter Sleep Mode can all be controlled remotely from the digital wireless receiver.


Important Note
This product is available in a variety of different frequency range models to suit the regulatory requirements of individual countries. Please contact your Sony reseller for more information on which product will best suit your specific needs.
Tuner Section
Receiving Channels: Americas
UC14: UHF-TV chs 14- 25 (72 MHz bandwidth). 470 MHz to 542 MHz.
UC30: UHF-TV chs 30–36 and chs 38–40 (60 MHz bandwidth). 566 MHz to 607 MHz and 615 MHz to 638 MHz.
UC42: UHF-TV chs 42-50 (66 MHz bandwidth). 638 MHz to 698 MHz
Receiving Channels: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand
CE33: UHF-TV chs 33-40 566 MHz to 630 MHz (Not available in New Zealand)
CE42*1: UHF-TV chs 42-50 638 MHz to 710 MHz
CE51: UHF-TV chs 51-59 710 MHz to 782 MHz (Not available in Australia or New Zealand)
Receiving Channels: China
CN38: 638 (MHz to 710 MHz)
Receiving Section
Receiver Type
Rackmount (2 channels)
Transmission Method
WiDIF-HP (×2)
Reception Type
Space diversity
Circuit System
Double superheterodyne
Local Oscillators Type
Crystal-controlled PLL synthesizer
Antenna Type
RF Sensitivity
20 dBμ or less (at bit error rate = 1 × 10–5, no decline in S/N ratio)
Antenna Section
Input Connector
BNC-R, 50 Ω (×2)
Supply Voltage for Booster
0 V/9 V/12 V
0 dB/5 dB/10 dB
Cascaded Output
BNC-R, 50 Ω (×2)
Audio section
Dynamic range
106 dB or more (A-weighted)
Distortion (T.H.D)
0.03% or less
Audio delay
1.9 ms (analog output)
1.9 ms (digital output)
Analog Output
BAL: XLR-3-32 (male), 47 Ω or less (×2)
UNBAL: φ6.3 mm (1/4 inch) mono jack, 220 Ω or less (×2)
Output level (0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms)
BAL: –22 dBu maximum/–58 dBu reference (when MIC output)
BAL: +24 dBu maximum/–12 dBu reference (when LINE output)
UNBAL: +8 dBu maximum/–28 dBu reference (when UNBAL ATT =0 dB)
Digital Output
XLR-3-32 (male), 110 Ω (×1)
BNC-R, 75 Ω (×1)
Reference output level (0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms)
–36 dBFs
Other Equipment
Headphone Output
φ6.3 mm (1/4 inch) stereo jack
Word Sync
Input connector: BNC-R with a 75 Ω termination switch
Output connector: BNC-R
External Word Sync: 32 kHz to 96 kHz
Wireless Remote Control
Cross Remote (2.4-GHz IEEE802.15.4 compliant)
LAN Connector
RJ-45 modular jack
100BASE-TX: IEEE802.3u compliant
10BASE-T: IEEE802.3 compliant
Power Requirements
AC: 100 to 240 V 0.4 A or less
DC: 12 V 1.6 A or less
Power Consumption
AC: 24 W
DC: 19.2 W
Operating temperature
0 °C to 50 °C
(32 °F to 122 °F)
Storage temperature
–20 °C to +60 °C
(–4 °F to +140 °F)
Dimensions (unit: mm (inches))*2
Without protrusions:
406 x 44 x 335
(16 x 1 3/4 x 13 1/4)

With protrusions:
482 x 44 x 335
(19 x 1 3/4 x 13 1/4)
Approx. 3.6 kg (7 lb 15 oz) (including the attached antenna)
Supplied accessories
Whip antenna (2)
Antenna mount with BNC connector (2)
AC power cord (1)
Foot (4)
Operating Instructions (1)
Operating Instructions (CD-ROM) (1)
PC control software (CD-ROM) (1)
Warranty card (US models only) (1)
Australia only: 694MHz - 710MHz is blocked by channel plan software
The values for dimensions are approximate