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LAN/WAN Media Edge Processor gateway with ultra low latency, low bit rate, and high picture quality

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Enhance Your Live Production with a Media Edge Processor

The Networked Live ecosystem optimises live production by flexibly utilising on-premise, cloud, hardware, or software resources to meet specific requirements. Acting as a gateway between LAN and WAN, the NXL-ME80’s advanced technology achieves ultra low latency, high picture quality, and low bit rate, resulting in efficient network bandwidth usage for remote production and video contribution. This reduces network costs for transmission across multiple locations and is a significant evolution of Sony’s Networked Live and Media Transport.

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Diagram demonstrating Networked Live’s connection between cloud and on-premises.

Introducing Networked Live

Networked Live is an ecosystem of solutions, products, services, and partners that combines hybrid on-premises and Cloud processing with network connectivity to transform the logistics and economics of high-quality mission critical live production. This is achieved by enabling resources (places, people, and processing) to be connected, used, and shared optimally and seamlessly in productions – regardless of their locations. With the NXL-ME80, reduce network costs for remote production and transmission across multiple locations while enhancing your live production capabilities.

The NXL-ME80, a Sony Networked Live Media Transport evolution, acts as a gateway between LAN and WAN, offering a new technology – HEVC codec – which achieves ultra low latency, high picture quality, and low bit rate, enabling efficient use of network bandwidth for remote production and video contribution.

LAN and WAN connection with multiple stream

The NXL-ME80 supports multiple streams to cater to individual live production requirements efficiently. With capability to convert and compress multiple video channels, content transmission with high picture quality is achievable, even with limited network bandwidth. In 4K mode, the NXL-ME80 can handle two channels and up to eight channels in HD input. The selectable interface of SDI or ST2110 on the LAN side helps easy installation in the customer’s environment.

Realistic and efficient remote production

The NXL-ME80 is ideal for remote production, enabling the connection of a camera to a venue’s control room and BC station. Multiple cameras situated at the venue can transmit high-quality, low-latency, and low bitrate video to a remote station, thus making remote production from a studio sub more accessible. NXL-ME80 with ultra-low latency, high picture quality, and low bitrate HEVC makes remote production more efficient.

Diagram demonstrating the LAN/WAN connection

NXL-ME80 Details

  1. Power switch/indicator
  2. Initialisation button
  3. Status indicator
  4. REF input
  5. Termination switch
  6. CONTROL port
  7. Power supply
  8. SDI input/output 1-8
  9. LAN port 1,2
  10. WAN port 1,2
Diagram displaying product details


Power requirements
AC 100 V - 240 V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx.
210.0 x 41.7 x 350.0mm (Not including protrusions)
(8 17/64 x 1 41/64 x 13 25/32 inch)
Mass Approx.
2.9 kg(102.3 oz)
Operating temperature
5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F)
Storage temperature
'-20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F)
Storage humidity
Under 90%(No condensation)
Reference input
BNC (2), 75 Ω switch with loop-through output
HD tri-level sync or Analog black burst
microBNC(8), Max Input x8 , Output x8
SMPTE ST424, SMPTE ST292, ST2082-1 (No. 1, 5 only)
1000BASE-** (by SFP transceiver module) *1
25GBASE-** (by SFP transceiver module) *2
For information on usable SFP transceiver modules (Nevion SFP-1GE-RJ45 / SFP-TR1-850-SR/SFP-TR1-13T-LR, etc.), please contact your Sony service representative or sales representative.
For information on available SFP28 modules (OTM-25GSR/OTM-25GLR, etc.), please contact your Sony service representative or sales representative.