A range of Sony 4K surgical monitors with different medical images

4K surgical displays for 2D and 3D workflows

See every procedure with greater clarity, on our surgical displays that were purpose-built for the OR. With 4K in both 2D and 3D, your surgical images will have the detail, contrast and colour accuracy you need for endoscopic, laparoscopic and microscopic operations.

[Imagery in this article is simulated for illustrative purposes]

A surgeon points a Sony surgical monitor and fellow surgeons watch the sharp details of the surgical image

More clarity, more precision

Designed with the modern operating theatre in mind, our 4K displays show pin-sharp details from almost any source. 3D capability can help with depth perception during delicate robotic, endoscopic and microscopic surgeries. And high dynamic range and a wide colour gamut make subtle colour differences between tissues clearer.

Higher resolution images from HD cameras

With four times as many pixels, 4K images can show far more surgical detail than HD. But what if you aren’t using 4K cameras? Our monitors can help. Using powerful algorithms, they ‘upscale’ HD images, bringing them up to a resolution that’s close to native 4K. So you have a more detailed view of surgeries, even when your laparoscopic or endoscopic camera only captures HD.

A grid shows the staircase effect from Full HD video to 4K upscale

Built-in image enhancement

Our powerful Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer™ (A.I.M.E.) technology can enhance the images on your display when needed. Subtle colour differences and fine anatomical structures become clearer, helping with tissue distinction and characterisation. Some monitors can even brighten darker areas of your picture and reduce noise, improving the visibility of endoscopic images for surgery and training.

Sony medical display shows an endoscopic image with A.I.M.E off. The image is a bit dark


Sony surgical monitor shows an endoscopic image with A.I.MEE. on. The image has bright colours and sharp details


A choice of views

Choose from a range of display modes during surgery. View images from multiple devices on one screen—side-by-side or picture-in-picture—so you can clearly monitor vital signs and fluoroscopic images while you operate. And you can flip the image so assistants on the other side of the operating table see the procedure with the right orientation for them.

Sony’s 4K surgical monitors are displayed with different layouts in each one
Surgical OR with Sony medical displays

Designed for surgical environments

Thanks to our anti-reflective screen technology, surgeons and staff can see images without distracting glare—even under intense OR lighting. Meanwhile, user-friendly controls and ergonomic adjustments make it simple to set up your display as you prefer, whether it’s integrated with a boom arm or a cart. And a variety of inputs and outputs give you added flexibility, while the simple design makes cleaning easy.

Flagship large 4K surgical displays

Our 31” and 55” displays are built to be cart or wall mounted, with a variety of integration options to suit almost any operating theatre. With 4K resolution, A.I.M.E. image enhancement and OptiContrast™ anti-reflective technology, these monitors deliver the best picture quality, in 2D or 3D.

Two large Sony medical displays are shown with surgical images
Sony surgical monitor LMD-X550MD is shown with a surgical image


55 inch 4K surgical monitor.

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Sony medical display LMD-X550MT is shown with a surgical image


55 inch 4K 3D surgical monitor.

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Sony medical display LMD- X310MD is shown with a surgical image


31 inch 4K surgical monitor.

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Sony medical display LMD-X310MT is shown with a surgical image


31 inch 4K 3D surgical monitor.

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Sony surgical monitor LMD-X3200MD is shown with a surgical image

Core 4K surgical display with HDR support

With a rich feature set and multiple installation options, our mid-size 32” LMD-X3200MD 4K display is adaptable to a range of surgical suites. It brings visibility and flexibility to the OR, thanks to HDR support, 12G-SGI connectivity, dual power AC/DC, multiple display options and the latest in A.I.M.E image enhancement.

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27 inch 4K surgical displays with HDR support

Ideal for mounting on boom arms or trolleys, our 27” displays deliver 4K images in a more compact form. They can also support HDR images and accept a wide range of inputs without the need for converters.

Sony medical display of 27” is shown with a surgical image
Sony surgical monitor LMD-X2705MD is shown with a surgical image


27-inch 4K surgical monitor with HDR support.

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