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In a changing media environment, broadcasters are under increasing pressure to meet the demands of the audience and keeping up with the latest innovations in image technology, while driving down costs and increasing profitability.

Our range of studio production solutions is designed to help broadcasters meet the challenges of tomorrow, today. From our cutting-edge range of studio cameras to our award-winning media workflow solutions, we offer the technology, the innovation and the expertise to help you meet your challenges and drive real business benefits.

The latest in imaging technology

Our wide range of Full HD and 4K studio and live production cameras is built on our reputation of innovation and reliability. With options to capture High Dynamic Range (HDR) and High Frame Rate (HFR), our cameras combine cutting-edge technology with an intuitive and familiar operating system.

Go with the workflow

From capture and creation, through management and storage of your assets, all the way to delivery and distribution, our range of workflow solutions optimise the entire production chain. Our Media Backbone Conductor, Media Backbone Hive and Media Navigator solutions work with third-party applications and provide users with the tools and capabilities to drive real business benefits.

Harness the power of IP

In studio production, networks must not only be fast but also completely reliable. But the ever-growing size of AV files and the relative limitations of typical computer networks means this often isn’t the case. Our IP Live Production System solves this issue by broadcasting quality HD and 4K video, audio, synchronisation signals and control data across the IP network through a single network cable, bringing increased efficiency, reliability and scalability with much lower overall cost.

Manage and preserve your assets

With more and more content comes the need to archive and preserve this content more efficiently. Our Optical Disc Archive (ODA) system offers a more cost-effective storage solution than traditional tape and hard-disk systems, preserving your data for up to 100 years. And unlike other methods, your data is instantly and quickly accessible.

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