Virtual and Remote Production

Create cinematography that captivates. Shape mood and feeling to tell your story. Explore light, colour, texture, sound and atmosphere—without limitations.

The power to tell any story you choose

Tell cinematic stories that have never been seen before. Build new worlds and visit breathtaking locations, without leaving the studio. Work with tools that let you shoot in almost any space and create the art you envision—even if you’re on the other side of the world.

See how our Crystal LED panels give you an adaptable virtual set. Create the ideal backdrop and fine-tune every detail to bring your ideas to life with complete control.

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Explore unlimited filmmaking with a virtual set

Create stunning backdrops for filming your actors and avoid the challenges of location shooting. Our virtual solution uses Crystal LED panels to show any background image you want. It even adapts as your camera moves, ensuring you always have the right view and the best lighting, colour matching and volume. Protect your artistic vision by creating in-camera VFX in a carefully controlled setting.

Find the perfect angle, without changing your set

Get exactly the shots you want, without continually re-setting your studio. The wide viewing angle of our Crystal LED panels gives you more choices for camera placement. And anti-reflection coating helps you avoid glare from studio lights or props.

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Images that look like real life

Shoot against lifelike backgrounds, even from just a couple of feet away. Exceptional colour reproduction, contrast, resolution and HDR capability give you incredible images. And our Reality Creation technology can upscale lower resolution images, for sharper detail. What’s more, our Motionflow technology can reduce motion blur in video backgrounds, for even clearer image reproduction.

VENICE Stakeholder Benefits

Find out how VENICE can satisfy all your stakeholders with a detailed breakdown of its advantages throughout the production chain.
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First class sound on-set

Capture perfect audio with tools you already know. Our DWX wireless microphone systems let you find, select and lock in your digital audio channel in seconds. Record clear dialogue and rich ambient sounds without interference or dropouts, even in a busy environment. And you can still work with your preferred mixers and recorders, as UniSlot®* and SuperSlot™** interfaces let you easily connect them to DWX microphones.

* UniSlot® is a registered trademark of Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd.
** SuperSlot™ is a registered trademark of Sound Devices LLC.

Set up fast and record without fuss

Make sure audio never slows production. Add mics to your actors, connect them and start recording in less than a minute. Then our Cross Remote capability lets you control transmitters and adjust settings from the receiver location, so you don’t need to disturb your talent. And you’ll get hours of shooting time with our long-life rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

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