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In the wake of the pandemic we’re working differently. Research by Sony identifies asynchronous working as the new normal, where employees don’t have to be online at the same time to stay productive. But while the appeal of asynchronous working is clear, organisations must raise their technology game to ensure they reap the benefits. Our whitepaper reveals what the future of work looks like – and the steps organisations can take to keep pace with this profound societal change.

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No more 9 to 5

It’s time for organisations to embrace the future of work. European employees are voicing their preference for asynchronous working – a new paradigm where each team member can work personally tailored hours instead of following a monolithic ‘9 to 5’ regime.

For over a third of employees polled in new research by Sony, this shift to asynchronous working can mean more purposeful and less distracting communication. This in turn offers greater flexibility and responsibility, freeing up time for more impactful work when staff are online or in the office at the same time.

Working the numbers

of employees believe in the future of asynchronous working


agree that asynchronous working can promote a healthier work/life balance for staff


agree that asynchronous working can result in more purposeful, less distracting communication

The survey commissioned by Sony Professional Displays & Solutions was conducted by 3Gem between the dates of 04 – 11 April 2022. The survey was completed by 3000 office workers across France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom (500 participants per country).

Future of work

“At Sony we see asynchronous work as a great opportunity for the future of work, creating a more efficient workplace and a healthier workforce. By combining greater worker autonomy and access to the latest technologies, companies can ensure employees are set up for success – ensuring they’re able to keep up with societal changes and trends that are influencing the workplace.”

Adam Dover, Trade and Segment Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Displays and Solutions

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Facing up to a lack of corporate confidence

While three in five employees agree that asynchronous working can enable a better work/life balance, over half of staff believe their organisation isn’t equipped with the right tools to unleash the full potential of asynchronous working. What’s more, 55% of workers don’t believe their employer would trust them to work the hours that suit them best, even with clear agreement in place on meeting deadlines and delivering results.


of employees don’t believe their organisation has the technological tools needed to support their needs


don’t believe their company trusts them to maintain productivity while working their own preferred hours

Piers Linney interviews on Asynchronous working

Join Piers Linney, CEO and founder of Moblox in a six-part series of interviews in which he discusses Sony’s latest research on asynchronous working and the future of work.
Piers Linney, CEO and founder of Moblox
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