Crystal LED at Shiseido Global Innovation Center

December 20, 2021

How we helped

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The Challenge

  • Global beauty brand required immersive video display for flagship research and visitor center in Yokohama, Japan
  • Other large-scale LED display systems show bezels between separate modules
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The Solution

  • World’s largest Crystal LED display system measuring 19.3m × 5.4m with 16K × 4K resolution
  • Exclusive 16K resolution CGI video content created for Shiseido by Sony PCL
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The Outcome

  • Visitors are captivated by immersive, frameless super-size modular display
  • Individual pixels cannot be seen by viewers, even close to display
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We wanted to trigger a spark of inspiration in everyone who sees it, making them think ‘What is this?’ with excitement and surprise. Crystal LED is the only video solution that could achieve this.

Tetsuyuki Kushiro,
Global Innovation Center Project Leader, Shiseido Co.,Ltd

Where innovation meets inspiration

The Shiseido Global Innovation Center – known as S/PARK – doubles as both a state-of-the-art R&D facility and visitor center for the international cosmetics and beauty brand.

Opened in April 2019 in Yokohama, the center provides offices, studios and collaborative space. It serves as a hub to welcome researchers and industry experts, business partners and consumers under the banner ‘beauty innovations for a better world.’

The foyer of the Shiseido centre, with a huge Crystal LED screen at one end
The Crystal LED screen under construction

World’s largest Crystal LED installation

Spanning two floors of the building, a vast wall of S/PARK’s open communication space is dominated by the world’s largest Crystal LED Display System. 576 individual display modules are ‘tiled’ with sub-millimetre precision, creating an awe-inspiring video wall measuring 19.3m × 5.4m with a resolution of 16K × 4K.

Unlike conventional modular video walls, the bezel-less modules create a super-size display with absolutely no visible joins or gaps. The result: a totally seamless, immersive visual experience for S/PARK visitors with no individual pixels visible, even when they’re standing close to the display.

Immersive images, no visible pixels

“We had looked at various LED video systems, and it bothered me how you could see the pixels when you looked up close” says Tetsuyuki Kushiro, Global Innovation Center Project Leader, Shiseido Co., Ltd.

“With Crystal LED the size of the light sources is exceptionally small, to the point that you don’t notice them at all. And although the large screen is made up of smaller display units, you don’t see where they join. What we’re created here at S/PARK is the world’s largest Crystal LED display system. I got goose-bumps the moment I saw it.”

The finised Crystal LED screen in the foyer
An image of the Shiseido Global Innovation Center, with Crystal LED displaying an image of wild animals

Captivating content in 16K resolution

Collaborating closely with Shiseido, specialist digital media production teams at Sony PCL in Tokyo created awe-inspiring visual 16K resolution CGI footage specially for the record-breaking S/PARK showcase. Elephants, giraffes, lions and apes – played by motion-captured performers – dance and play in Japan’s lush, timeless Yakushima forest while whales, dolphins and penguins cruise magically through open skies.

“Through this video content, we’re encouraging people to change what they consider as ‘normal’ says Kentaro Kurauchi, GIC Supervisory Department Manager, S/PARK Planning Group. “We want them to see that the catalyst they need to change what they currently regard as ‘normal’ is right there inside them.”