A2 Production

AI Automated Production on the Cloud

Open the door to richer content and smarter workflows

Our A2 Production helps you produce content fans have never seen before, while it takes care of media management and smarter workflows. Let our cloud-based service get to work, so you can make the most of new and archived media.

A streamlined tool for growth

Enrich your productions and grow revenues, while working smarter and faster. Harness AI that does everything from sports data analysis to subtitling, tagging and creating multi-camera highlight clips.

Enhanced entertainment

Give your viewers captivating content. While the action unfolds, Media Analytics Portal can automatically prepare highlights and replays, ready for commentators to analyse and fans to share on social media. And when the game pauses, you have all the footage you need for recaps, plus eye-catching visualisations for your commentary and analysis.

3 males cheering while watching a game on a mobile device

Smoother, smarter workflows

Free your team from time-consuming media management and production admin. From tagging files with keywords to scene detection and clipping, your AI automatically organises content for the team to work with. Thanks to integrations with our workflow and content management tools, you can automatically capture specific scenes, create highlights or distribute clips. It all happens in the cloud.

Many screens on a wall with different angles of a football game

Combined AI engines for almighty analysis

Run more powerful content analysis. Take advantage of both Sony and third-party AI engines, as you analyse and capture specific content and rich metadata. Meanwhile, our interface will make it easy for you to configure and coordinate this unified analytical power.

Female sitting behind a screen with data running in front of her

AI Rule Engine Maker

AI Rule Engine Maker is one of the key GUI based tools incorporated in A2 Production. With just a few clicks, users can easily select and configure AI ​​engines required for generating automatic highlights for sports or for automatic scene selections for program productions.

AI rule engine maker

Smarter highlights

Create highlights packages faster, thanks to intelligent object and scene detection, and smooth integration of external data like player stats. You can automatically create and share short clips of the action, even from camera angles the fans didn’t see during broadcast.

Tennis ball bouncing of the court line

Touchless content management

Organise interview and press conference content in your CMS without lifting a finger. Speech-to-text analysis can capture the information you need for tagging and logging. Then you can find it again whenever you need it, with a quick keyword search.

Basketball payer jumping and dunking the ball into the net

Richer analysis

Enrich your programming by integrating external sports data, from individual player stats to league and tournament insights. Then share these through compelling, new visualisations that bring commentary to life and give fans a fuller viewing experience.

Commentator sitting on the sidelines of a game, in front of a screen, watching the game

See everything

Make sure you have all the coverage you need by tracking each player throughout the game. Additionally, with every camera synchronised, you can automatically create replay clips from a variety of angles, including the ones fans won’t have seen live.

A football player, sliding to reach the ball

More emotion

Your system will be able to tell you the most gripping moments, as it tracks crowd excitement levels and even recognises the emotions on players’ faces. All of these moments will be tagged, logged and stored, ready for when you need them.

An audience, cheering at a game

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