Alexandru Don tests FX9 at 120fps

November 15, 2021

In this video, Sony Pro Ambassador Alexandru Don not only brilliantly demonstrates what FX9’s V2.1 firmware offers, but also explores his own creative processes and the dangers of staying the comfort zone. At its launch, Alexandru was convinced FX9 was the ‘camera that had it all’, affordable yet able to boost his creativity and raise him into the higher end of the market. Over time, however, he began to doubt himself and the camera for certain applications.

“We all search for excuses in order to get ourselves into the comfort zone,” Alexandru reflects.

Fortunately, Sony had a roadmap for new features that has “pumped and excited to go out and explore new possibilities.”

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Every new update felt like putting more fuel on the fire

V2.0 delivered a host of new features and improvements, swiftly followed by V2.1 which added a major enhancement to the FX9’s high-frame-rate capabilities with stunning QFHD 120p 16-bit RAW output using the XDCA-FX9 . Alexandru paired the FX9 with an Atomos Ninja V+ Recorder and went out to see exactly what this combination could deliver for him.

“I needed to test this!” Alexandru says. “I needed to get out there and make the best images possible. I wanted to record something that it’s difficult to get right. I wanted to record speed but slowed down so we can appreciate the beauty of what humans can make with their bodies. The higher frame-rate allowing me to anticipate actions and make me move faster: it’s a bond between man and machine, this is what happens when passions becomes more than passion.”