FX9: V3 Overview

January 24, 2022

Alister Chapman introduces FX9’s Version 3 firmware features, including Real-time Tracking, RCP remote control, S16 mode and more. He also demonstrates these features in action with new I-Spy short movie.

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Watch Alister’s FX9 V3 introduction above and then see the complete I-Spy movie below.

Alister Chapman’s I-Spy

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“I-Spy” was created to provide example footage for our FX9 V3 tutorial videos. Every shot, in every scene, uses one or more of the new, version 3 features. The exteriors were shot using the Anamorphic mode. There is extensive use of the Real-time tracking autofocus in the control room scenes – which greatly sped up how quickly I could shoot this scene on my own. A B4 ENG zoom lens and the S16 scan mode was used for the crash zoom shot looking down the long interior corridor.

As well as the version 3 features, I made use of the FX9’s dual ISO function and impressive low light performance, shooting using the CineEI mode and S-Log3 which was then graded using an ACES workflow. I’m really pleased with the end result considering the small crew size and low budget. I hope the film provides a useful real-world example of how FX9’s Version 3 features can enhance your own productions – both creatively and in saving time.

FX9 Quick Reference Guide - V3

Written by Alister Chapman and covering everything from camera set-up to slow-motion frame rates and S-Cinetone tips. Interactive PDF format ensures easy access on your smartphone when on-location. Now updated for V3 firmware with Real-time tracking, RCP remote control, S16 mode and more.

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