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NUCLeUS™ from Sony - for every stage of the medical imaging workflow

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What if there was an easier, more efficient way to treat more patients and plan more procedures – while reducing staff workloads and hardware complexity? What if teams could instantly share, store, access and review all medical video data along with patient data? Achieve all this – and more – with NUCLeUS.

Connecting devices, people and data

NUCLeUS is the scalable platform that streamlines the management and distribution of high-resolution video and other patient data to all members of the clinical team, across the existing IP network.

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A smart, integrated solution for end-to-end connectivity

NUCLeUS revolutionises every phase of the medical imaging workflow. From the initial video capture and assessment, it empowers clinicians to interact on shared content, via its associated smart applications. Further on in the workflow, images or videos can be shared easily across the network, enabling post-operative discussion with the right members of the team. Finally, NUCLeUS enables images to be stored and accessed again when required, by any member of the team with appropriate access rights. 

Significant time-saving

NUCLeUS can substantially improve operational efficiency right across the campus. For example, multiple image sources up to 4K resolution can be routed inside the OR. Also, NUCLeUS can distribute video streams from virtually any image source, to locations outside the OR without time-consuming configuration of equipment.

Aggregated patient records

NUCLeUS integrates surgical video and still images with other data through the Hospital Information System (HIS) network connection, such as previous consultations, previous vital stats and more. This means that accessing a highly comprehensive digital record is easy, minimising time spent retrieving paper records.

Always accessible data

NUCLeUS ensures that clinical image data can be easily accessed from a computer or from other connected devices on the network – bringing huge time-saving benefits to staff on the move.

Intuitive content sharing

NUCLeUS empowers fast content sharing between all surgical staff, minimising the delays normally caused by paper notes moving between departments. Video can be sent to PACS instantly which ultimately could mean faster outcomes for clinical teams.

Multi-device compatible

For surgeons moving between ops and post-ops, for an OR Manager configuring complex timetables, or indeed for any member of the wider clinical team; with NUCLeUS anyone can access and control the associated content easily and effectively.


The GUI image on this article is an example, displayed on a 3rd party’s touch panel device.

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