The best displays for your surgical imaging workflow

January 4, 2022

Why our surgical displays enhance your surgical imaging workflow

Sony surgical displays with 4K upscaling and HDR deliver exceptional clarity and dependable performance in demanding surgical imaging environments. They’re ideal partners for integration in the Operating Room with NUCLeUS, our smart IP video management platform. A high quality display ensures that images from endoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes and other video sources are reproduced accurately, assisting surgical teams as they perform critical tasks in the OR.

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Healthcare Digital Innovations Webinar

Find out why Sony's surgical monitors are the ideal complement to surgical imaging and OR integration
Surgeon checks screen with Sony medical webinar playing

Improve surgical task performance with optimal image clarity

Our 4K surgical monitors display sharp detail from surgical imaging sources like endoscopes and surgical microscopes, allowing clinical teams in the OR to perform intricate procedures with greater confidence and precision. Our surgical displays use powerful algorithms to upscale the HD quality of these image sources , bringing picture quality closer to what you’d expect from a native 4K video source.

Surgeons look at sony surgical monitor with sharp endoscopic image
Multiple sony surgical monitors display surgical images while surgeons do a procedure

View image sources in real time

Performing intricate surgical procedures demands minimal time delay between the input from a medical camera source and what’s seen on screen. The low latency of Sony surgical displays ensures near-instantaneous visual feedback for clinical teams in the OR, minimising image lag and assisting with accurate task performance. Fast switchover between image inputs eliminates the momentary frustration of blank screens when surgeons need to compare live and recorded images, review vital signs or refer to other diagnostic sources like x-rays or ultrasound.

Designed for smooth OR integration and image network

Integration between Sony surgical monitors and our NUCLeUS IP smart imaging platform enables more efficient workflow in a busy Operating Room. Surgeons and clinical teams can adjust monitor settings – including brightness, contrast, colour and A.I.M.E. on/off – directly from NUCLeUS touchscreen user interface , giving greater flexibility to optimise the monitor for specific tasks. There’s also an Auto Input Select function that supports failsafe display operation in the OR, switching over to a secondary input port if the main input signal is accidentally interrupted.

Surgeons in Operating room perform a surgery with sony surgical monitor and NUCLeUS smart imaging platform